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Sign Language Supports

» Learning Irish Sign Language (ISL):
In Co. Kerry, all sign language classes are provided by freelance sign language tutors.

For families with a Deaf child, an application can be sent to the Dept. of Education for home tuition.

For all other classes, these are normally in group settings in different locations and are ideally accredited by Signature or QQI.

Throughout the year, tutors may inform us of their freelance classes. If this information is provided to our Centre, we are more than happy to share this information with you.

There are also a number of apps and websites with information on ISL. These can be found on the Apple Store / Play Store and YouTube by searching for Irish Sign Language.

» Home Tuition In ISL:
If a family has a deaf child and wants to learn sign language, The Dept. of Education provides payment to parents for sign language tuition in the Deaf child's home.

For the 2017/18 academic year, further information is available at

» Signature or QQI Classes:
Here are examples of Signature or QQI accredited classes (as of September 2017).

» Signature Level 1 ISL:
This course is designed to teach learners to communicate using Irish Sign Language (ISL) on a range of topics that involve simple, everyday language use.

Level 1 is approx. 60 hours in total and is divided into three units. Classes are usually two hours long.
  • Unit 101: Introduction to ISL.
  • Unit 102: Conversational ISL.
  • Unit 103: Conversational ISL.
When a student passes all three Units, they receive the Level 1 Certificate awarded by Signature.

» Signature Level 2 ISL:
This course enables learners to develop an ability to communicate with Deaf people using ISL in a range of familiar contexts, participating in lengthy and open-ended exchanges.

Level 2 is approx. 82 hours in total and divided into three units. Classes are usually two hours long.
  • Unit 201: Receptive Skills.
  • Unit 202: Productive Skills.
  • Unit 203: Conversational Skills.
When a student passes all three Units, they receive the Level 2 Certificate awarded by Signature. For further information on Signature, go to:

» QQI Award Level 3:
Irish Sign Language 1 is a beginner's or breakthrough course where students will learn to understand and use familiar everyday expressions and basic phrases of ISL such as daily greetings, social courtesies, food and drink, social and simple work-related signs as well as learning your own personal sign immersing you in many aspects of our language and culture.

» QQI Award Level 4:
Irish Sign Language 2 is a pre-intermediate course where students understand sentences and frequently used expressions related to areas of everyday life such as very basic personal and family information, shopping, geography, employment and communicating in simple and routine task to produce simple and direct conversation with ISL users with a degree of fluency immersing you further about our language and culture. This course suits those who have successfully completed our Level 3 course or good level of ISL skills that will progress you to QQI Award Level 5.

» QQI Award Level 5:
Irish Sign Language 3 is an Intermediate course coming soon. For further information on QQI, go to:

» APPS & Websites:
Irish Sign Language (ISL) is now available on a variety of apps & websites. Please see below a sample of what is currently available on the Apple App Store/ Google Play Store & on the Internet

Apple Apps Available on the APPLE APP STORE:
  • ISL Everywhere By David Matthews (Cost: Free)
  • ISL Alphabet By Incremental Systems (Cost: Free)
  • SignBasic Mobile App By ziggiapps (Cost: Free)
  • Irish Sign Language Mobile App Lite By Paddy O'Neill (Cost: Free)
  • Irish Sign Language Mobile App (Sign4Life) By Paddy O'Neill (Cost: €0.99)
Android Apps Available on the GOOGLE PLAY STORE:
  • ISL Everywhere By David Matthews (Cost: Free)
  • SignBasic Mobile App By ziggiapps (Cost: Free)
  • Irish Sign Language (Freemium) By Sign4Life (Cost: Free)
  • Consise Irish Sign Language Dictionary (Cost: €0.79)
ISL is also available on the following WEBSITES: Please download 'information_support_2015.pdf' in PDF Download (size 208KB)

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