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Family Support  

Has your child being diagnosed as deaf or hard of hearing?

We can provide you with information and advice on a wide range of deaf related issues. When you are ready- we can put you in touch with parents who have deaf or hard of hearing children. We can also introduce your child to other deaf children. We can introduce you to Deaf adults.

How will you communicate with your child?

We will give you information & advice on communicating with a deaf child. If you choose to learn sign language, we can give you a list of sign language apps and websites to help you learn. We can apply for Home Tuition in sign language classes for you & your family. We can give you advice on speech and language services.

Are there any grants a parent can apply for?

There is a grant called the Domiciliary Care Allowance. It is paid to parents of a child with a disability. We have the forms in our office & will assist you in applying for this grant, which is paid monthly.

What about educational supports?

We can provide you with information on mainstream and specialist schools. We can provide you with information on Special Needs Assistants & other educational support services. We can advise you on technology that is available for deaf and hard of hearing students. We can put you in touch with other parents who can share their experiences on what supports their child has in schools.

Are there any other supports available?

Here is an example of agencies providing advice or resources

The Irish Deaf Society (information for parents)

The Irish Deaf Society is the largest Deaf-led organisation in Ireland working with both the Deaf and hard of hearing community. Our work focuses on issues such as achieving equality and access for Deaf people. This link is specifically for parents.

Deafhear Parents Corner

Parents Corner is a section on DeafHear's website dedicated to providing information and support to parents of Deaf and hard of hearing children in Ireland.

Deafhear Killarney Social Worker


Sharing the Journey

We are an independent organisation established by parents of d/Deaf and hard of hearing children. Our goal is to provide information and support to other parents of d/Deaf and hard of hearing children, regardless of the communication, education and technological decisions they have made or will make for their children.

The Deaf Education Centre

The Deaf Education Centre works to provide easy to access information for parents with deaf or hard of hearing children. This includes information on Education and Health Services in Ireland. We work to support parents who recently found out their child is deaf, and links for parents who wish to meet other parents with deaf or hard of hearing children. We also provide a list of links that you may find useful here.

If you are looking for Irish Sign Language (ISL) materials, you can shop online on this website. In addition, has a host of information of benefit to families & professionals.

National Deaf Children's Society (UK)

The National Deaf Children's Society (NDCS) is an UK organisation with a wealth of information for parents. Please note some of the legislation they mention will cover the UK. In addition, they may make reference to BSL (British Sign Language) whereas we us ISL (Irish Sign Language). However, this is a very useful site for parents of children of varying ages.

Cochlear Implant Beaumont Hospital

A cochlear implant is a highly sophisticated device, which provides access to sound for people with severe to profound hearing loss.

The following information can be downloaded and printed.
Hearing tests? Download (size 20KB)
Domicilary Care Allowance? Download (size 20KB)
Speech and Language Therapy Download (size 20KB)
Home tuition in sign language? Download (size 20KB)
Kerry Deaf Resource Centre Supports? Download (size 20KB)

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