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Equality Support  

There have been major changes in disability policy in Ireland in the last few years. These began with the publication of the Report of the Commission on the Status of People with Disabilities, entitled A Strategy for Equality, in 1996. This report in turn was the result of a major consultative process involving people with disabilities.

» Disability & Equality Legislation: The following is an example of Irish & international disability & equality legislation.

  • "The Disability Act 2005" places a statutory obligation on public service providers to support access to services and facilities for people with disabilities.
  • "The Equal Status Acts 2000-2012" outlaws discrimination outside the workplace, in particular in the provision of goods and services; in selling, renting or leasing property; and in certain aspects of education.
  • "The Employment Equality Acts 1998-2011 outlaws discrimination at work including: recruitment and promotion; equal pay; working conditions; training or experience; dismissal; and harassment, including sexual harassment.
  • "The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities" is an international human rights treaty of the United Nations intended to protect the rights and dignity of persons with disabilities. Parties to the Convention are required to promote, protect, and ensure the full enjoyment of human rights by persons with disabilities and ensure that they enjoy full equality under the law.
» The Irish Human Rights & Equality Commission (IHREC): In November 2014, The Equality Authority was merged with the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission to form the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission (IHREC).

You can contact the IHREC if you feel that:
  • Your human rights have not been respected.
  • You are experiencing discrimination in your workplace.
  • You are experiencing discrimination in obtaining goods and services.
  • You are seeking information on your rights more generally.
You can e-mail your query to
For more information & support, go to
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