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Educational Support  

As a Deaf and hard of hearing student you can get a range of supports to suit your own individual needs. You must get in touch with Disability Officer or Liaison Officer well in advance to discuss your needs before you start college or university. The following is a list you could discuss with your Disability Officer:

» Before starting college/university: Check out what disability supports available well in advance. Discuss with Disability Officer what supports you can get in advance

» Copies of Lecture Notes and/or Overheads: Can ask for lecture notes and overheads. Students need to ask for these before the lecture is delivered so you can follow the lecture more easily

» CD ROM: Can get access to printed material through electronic format, for example, CD Rom

» Counselling and Medical Service: This is provided for all students in third level colleges in Ireland

» Examinations: You can get extra time to complete your exam papers. You can "sign" your exam paper onto a video recorder. These must be agreed in advance with your Disability Officer

» Notetaker: A classmate can be employed to take notes during lectures. Or a classmate can make carbon copy of his or her own notes. Need to ask for this before classes begin

» Note Taking Solutions Acorn Business Campus, Mahon Industrial Park, Blackrock, Cork. Contacts: Liz O'Sullivan 087 7704613 or Rose Quilter 086 3082242. Email: Website:

» Photocopying Facilities: Photocopying can be provided free of charge or at a specially reduced rate for students with disabilities

» Priority Registration: You may be allowed to register earlier than other students

» Radio-Aid/Loop System: There is a wide range of assistive devices available. If you are now aware of the best one for you, contact Kerry Deaf Resource Centre.

» Sign Language Interpreter: There is a huge shortage of accredited interpreters in Ireland. Book as early as you can via the Disability Officer. Can be provided for tutorials and lectures. Interpreters need to know exact timetable in advance

» Signed-Video Recording of Lecture: You can video record your sign language interpreter during the lecture so you don't have to take notes. Need to discuss and agree with interpreter beforehand

» Study Skills Courses: If you feel you need extra help with how to study, writing and research skills, spelling and time management, some colleges do provide study skills courses to help you

» Time Extension on Out-of-Lecture Assignments: You can ask for time extensions for essays, fieldwork, projects, etc. Make sure you don't have too many assignments all piling up

» Transcription of Audio-Recorded Lecture: Student needs to get permission to record lectures. Arrangements can be made to transcribe the audiotape to writing

» Word-processing facilities: You might be able to get priority in queuing to use a word processor. You might be able to get one-to-one tuition on how to use a word processor

» Other: If you have specific requirements not listed above, it is your responsibility to inform the College. If you would like to discuss your needs before starting College, contact the Kerry Deaf Resource Centre.

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