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28 October 2018 (VOL 14 WEEK 44)

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21 October 2018 (VOL 14 WEEK 43)

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14 October 2018 (VOL 14 WEEK 42)

Our staff member Therese Gallant returns to KDRC.
Our friend and work colleague Therese Gallant would like to let you all know she is back in work after her extended sick leave.

Therese has asked us to give you an update on her progress as she has received support and best wishes from countless people.

She is recovering well from her cancer operation and apart from regular check-ups, she requires no further follow up treatment.

She would like to express her sincere thanks and gratitude to everyone for their support and looks forward to working with you all again. We look forward to working with Therese too as she has been sorely missed by us all. Book and Gift Club for October.
Our Book and Gift Club is back for the month of October. This club is in conjunction with Bullseye Books.

This month the products that we have for sale include the following:
  1. 5 pack travel set €8
  2. James on display Brown Dog €16
  3. Drawing boards with markers €10
  4. 2 books set-counting and writing €9
  5. Skyclone frisbee €5
  6. Crystal slime pack €7
  7. 3 lanterns set €16
  8. Dust buddy €5
  9. Gel eye bead mask €7
  10. Children's 6 CD set €6
  11. Mini hammer/screwdriver set €8
  12. Therapeutic gel bead pack €9
  13. Bicycle wind spinner €20
  14. Amazing mat €9.
If you would like to view or order any of the items, they will be on display until the 29th of October. How to avail of support from our service.
If you are deaf, deafened, hard of hearing or a hearing person with an interest in deaf and hard of hearing issues, we can offer a range of advice, guidance and support to you.

Services are provided on a 'request' basis. You can book an appointment with our service by emailing, texting or ringing our service.

If you would like to meet with a particular staff member, please let us know when booking your appointment.
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7 October 2018 (VOL 14 WEEK 41)

Mental Health Discussion - With ISL Access.
An Evening On Mental Health will take place on Friday, the 11th of October from 7.30pm to 9pm. We have been informed by Bernadette O'Connor that access for sign language users will be available at this event.

The discussion will take place in The Grand Hotel in Tralee. The event is being organised by Open Arms Kerry (Suicide and Mental Health Awareness Centre) and Mental Health Ireland. There will be a number of guest speakers on the night. Admission is free.

Volunteers for Church Collections.
Our service will be holding a number of Church collections over the weekend and we are looking for volunteers/ supporters.

On Saturday evening, the 12th of October, volunteers are required for a collection in Castleisland. On Sunday morning, the 13th of October, we would appreciate your support for collections in Castleisland, Cordal and Scartaglen.

If you can spare an hour or two, please contact Noreen in our office. As always, any money raised in a particular area helps us to provide services to customers living in those areas. Therefore, we are always deeply appreciative of local supporters.

Equipment for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Available for collection.
If you submitted an application to us over the past few months for equipment under our RAGS Scheme, equipment is now available for collection.

Please contact our office and let them know what devices you are waiting on and we will make sure to have it ready when you call. For any customer that requires support with installation (for example TV listening devices etc), we can arrange a call-out with one of our staff members.

Funding is limited with this scheme. However, if you have any queries on equipment for deaf or hard of hearing, please contact us.
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