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26 June 2017 (VOL 13 WEEK 26)

Irish Sign Language Bill passes stage 3 in The Senate.
As many of you know the Irish Deaf Society (IDS) has been leading a campaign to secure official recognition of Irish Sign Language (ISL).

We are delighted to let you know that the Bill passed the 3rd stage in The Senate during the week.

Members of the Deaf community were also invited to meetings and got to watch the debate including representatives from the IDS, Cork Deaf Club, Cork Deaf Enterprises, SLIS, CISLI, DeafHear and Willie White represented our service, the Kerry Deaf Resource Centre.

Meetings held prior to stage 3 voting.
Prior to the Senate debate and vote on Wednesday, a number of meetings have been held in Government building over the past few weeks.

In addition, meetings were held in other counties with local Senators. We know our friends and colleagues in the Cork Deaf Club and Cork Deaf

Association have been very busy also as the Leader of the Senate is from Cork.

On the day before the vote, five meetings were held with Senators, assistants, and advisors of Fianna Fáil, Civil Engagement Group, Fine Gael, Labour, Independents and a last-minute meeting with the Minister for Disability and his advisors. This was an opportunity for all parties to discuss sections of the Bill in detail and to hear the concerns of the Deaf community before the Bill went to vote in the Senate Chambers.

Proposed amendments to the bill prior to voting.
Before the Senate could vote on the Bill, both parties had the opportunity to table amendments.

The IDS and the Bill sponsors sent in amendments formally and on time. However, we were disappointed to see the other side withdraw their proposed amendments at the last minute.

However, we were delighted to see Fianna Fáil, Labour, Independents, Sinn Fein, Civil Engagement Group show superb support. After a robust debate, the Bill secured enough votes and now moves onto the 4th stage Report Stage.

What happens next?
Many people have asked the IDS what happens next? This is a good question to ask as the process of a Bill becoming Law is complicated.

Once a Bill passes one House (Senate or Dáil), it is sent to the other House for Second Stage Considerations. It then goes through all stages in that House. A Bill must pass through BOTH HOUSES before being sent to the President for signature where it then becomes an Act/Law.

The ISL Bill needs to pass another two stages in the Senate - Report Stage and Final Stage.

Thereafter, it will move over to Dáil Éireann where it will need to pass a further 5 stages: Initiation, Second Stage, Committee Stage, Report Stage and Final Stage.

How can you support?
As you can imagine, this is a complex issue that has taken years to get to this stage. As there are so many stages still to go, before ISL gets full recognition as a language, it is important we all work together and support the IDS in their long-standing campaign. In the meantime, we know the Irish Deaf Society would appreciate it if you could contact your local Senators and urge them to support the ISL Bill.

You can also check out their Facebook page to learn more about the campaign and to see what is happening next? See:
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19 June 2017 (VOL 13 WEEK 25)

Successful CODA UK and Ireland Weekend In Dublin.
CODA UK and Ireland held a wonderful gathering of adult CODA's (Children of Deaf Adults) over the weekend.

CODA's who ranged in age from 19-71 years old from Alaska, Australia, Brazil, England, Ireland and Wales spent a fantastic time together in Dublin. CODAs also came from diverse Deaf cultural backgrounds including American, Australian, Brazilian, Caribbean, English, Indian, Korean, Hong Kong and Welsh.

As part of the cultural weekend, they were given a guided tour of the capital by Deaf tour guide Alvean Jones. They also got to visit Deaf Village Ireland for a CODA book launch where we met more CODAs including a number of newcomers to the CODA family. Finally, they got a chance to sample some of Dublin's famous nightlife. A sincere thanks to the organisers of the weekend. A particular word of thanks to Vicki Wan Slattery and our own Catherine White.

Launch of book by Australian CODA.
During our CODA UK Ireland gathering in Dublin, we had the honour of being invited to a book launch written by fellow Australian CODA, Bernadette Wallis.

Bernadette has written a book that looks at how Irish Sign Language (ISL) came into use in Australia when her parents were young deaf children.

This came about when an Irish nun from the Dominican order in Ireland worked with deaf children in Australia and taught through ISL. Bernadette's book is entitled "The Silent Book: A Deaf Family and Disappearing Australian-Irish Sign Language".

The book is on sale for €19, which you can buy on Bernadette's upcoming book tour across Ireland.

The book tour will visit Limerick (8th of July), Cork (11th of July), Kerry (16th of July), Galway (21st of July). Dates are to be confirmed for Castlecomer, Westport, Sligo, Derry and Belfast. We would like to wish Bernadette well with her book launch and thank her for recording the unique history of ISL usage in Australia.

CODA UK and Ireland summer camp in Weymouth.
The UK section of CODA UK and Ireland will be having a busy few months with a number of camps for KODAs (Kids of Deaf Adults) a camp for adult CODAs too.

These camps are also open to participants from Ireland and abroad. The great thing about these camps is that all the volunteers and leaders are all CODAs which make the camps very unique!!!

The camp for KODAs takes place from the 4th-7th of August in Osmington Bay in Weymouth and caters to KODAs 7-17 years old. It cost £175 sterling. If the camp gets booked out, let the organisers know if you are interested in future camps. For more information, you can email:

CODA UK and Ireland adult camp in Wales.
For adults CODAs who would like to get-together with fellow CODAs over 18 years of age, the UK section of CODA International is organising a camp in the UK from the 6th-8th of October.

The camp will be held in Mold in North Wales. Participants will be staying in luxury warm bell tents.

We have heard a number of Irish CODAs are hoping to attend. If you are interested and want more information, email:

More information on CODA related organisations.
If you would like more information on CODA UK and Ireland, their Facebook page is

CODA Ireland also has a page at:

For newsand activities from CODA International, check out and don't forget our own Willie White is the Chairperson of their Social Media Committee
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12 June 2017 (VOL 13 WEEK 24)

Garda vetting training.
We would like to extend a sincere thank you to the Kerry Volunteer Centre for providing us with training on the new Garda Vetting procedures.

Our Manager and our Garda Vetting Clerk, Noreen Cronin attended the training in the Kerry Volunteer Centre last week.

Our Centre is now affiliated with this service for our Garda Vetting. As of this week, relevant staff members have received their up-to-date Garda Vetting.

As of December 2017, any person who wants to work with vulnerable adults or children will not be allowed if their Garda Vetting is not up-to-date. Our service is committed to following this policy. As a result, if you would like to work or volunteer with our service, it will be a requirement, that you avail of Garda Vetting before commencing work with our clients who are vulnerable adults or children.

Our sincere thanks to the Kerry Volunteer Centre and in particular to their Manager, Geraldine O'Sullivan for the training and their work in securing vetting for our staff members.

For more information on the Garda Vetting Bureau, go to:

For more information on the Volunteer Ireland and to find your nearest Volunteer Centre, go to:

Update on hearing aid donations for Ethiopia.
We are delighted to let you know that our appeal for 2nd hand hearing aids for our work with the KAL Center in Bahir Dar in Ethiopia has totalled 190 hearing aids. We are thrilled and delighted with the generosity of our donors.

Visions Global Empowerment who support the KAL Deaf Center in Bahir Dar, would like to thank everyone for their support. We know this will make a huge difference to local people with a hearing loss who otherwise could not afford a hearing aid. On their behalf, thank you.

The hearing aids have been sent to Dr. Catherine Clark in the Rochester Institute for the Deaf and she is re-programming all the hearing aids. Catherine will bring them to Ethiopia in August, where they will be fitted to local people with a hearing loss.

Final reminder of CODA UK and Ireland Gathering In Dublin.
If you are an adult CODA (Children of Deaf Adults), don't forget that this weekend sees CODA UK and Ireland coming together in Dublin for a CODA get-together. For more info, contact our own Catherine, Veronica or Willie.

Update on Irish Sign Language Official Recognition.
The Irish Deaf Society's (IDS) campaign to secure official recognition of Irish Sign Language (ISL) continues to gain support.

We are delighted to hear that a meeting with Senators from Fine Gael (FG) will be held next week.

This will be followed by a vote in The Senate by all Senators. If the Bill passes this stage, it will then move onto Committee Stage Amendments.

We would like to wish the IDS and all their supporters all the best with this upcoming meeting and the next round of voting. We hope to have an update for you next week on the outcome of this round of the campaign.

Final Reminder of Ambo Ramble Charity Cycle.
This is a final reminder of the Ambo Ramble Charity Cycle which will take place on Saturday the 24th of June in Ballinhassig, Cork.

All income from this cycle go towards the Ethiopia Deaf Project (EDP) who support a deaf school in Ambo, Ethiopia.

The cycle is made up of 2 routes: 57km and 127km.

It costs €30 to participate and this includes food, drink, showers and parking. Registration on the day opens at 8am with a start of 9am. For more information, go to:
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5 June 2017 (VOL 13 WEEK 23)

Bank Holiday.
Our office will close on Monday the 5th of June for Bank Holiday. We will open again on the 5th of June at 10am.
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