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25 March 2013 (VOL 11 WEEK 12)

Our service’s ethos.
Over the years, many people have asked us what is our underlying ethos and principles. As with many companies, we have Memorandums and Articles of Association, Aims, Missions, and Primary Objectives etc.

However, it can be very difficult to reduce this information to one or two sentences. Our overall guiding principal over the years was and is “Deaf Can”. We believe if Deaf and hard of hearing people are given the necessary tools in terms of education, training, employment, access and support, they ‘CAN’ do whatever they want in life. We still believe in this ethos 13 years after our establishment and we must thank the Deaf community, our staff and supporters and our own Catherine White for guiding us in developing this ethos.

We have now developed a further ethos which reflects the work we do on the ground in 2013 “KDRC provides services to Deaf and hard of hearing people at county level and contributes to national issues of equality, access and rights”.

We would like to thank the Deaf community, our staff and supporters and Elfrieda Carroll for assisting us in defining who we are as an agency in 2013.

Irish sign language (ISL) app.
ISL Everywhere is a new and exciting mobile website and smartphone app. ISL Everywhere is a collaborative project between Sharing the Journey, the Irish Deaf Society and the Centre for Deaf Studies.

Free, easy to use and easy to access ISL Everywhere has many unique features including; over 1,000 signs and phrases, focusing on the everyday vocabulary of a young child's life; a simple but very effective word association feature, which helps parents expand their child's vocabulary and their understanding of the world around them; Bedtime stories; Printable resource materials and rainy day activities.

A promo for ISL Everywhere is available to view at

Irish remote interpreting service (IRIS) open day and evening.
The Sign Language Interpreting Service (SLIS) will host an open day and evening on its IRIS service. It will be held on the 27th of March from 10am-8pm.

This would be a good opportunity to see IRIS in action and try it out for yourself. If you have any questions on the service or have opinions and suggestions, SLIS would be more than happy to receive feedback and questions on the day.

For more information on SLIS or IRIS, go to

Language and intercultural studies.
Dr. Jemina Napier who is well known in the Deaf community would like to inform you of PhD student scholarships which are being advertised at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland. Jemina has recently relocated to Scotland after 15 years in Australia.

Two of the scholarships are specifically to work with Jemina on a project on language brokering experiences in the Deaf community. Ideally, she is looking for a deaf/ hearing team - with at least one of the PhD students being a native signer. The students' can propose their own topics but they must be related to her project to some degree.

These scholarships would be suitable for students currently completing MA degrees and would be open to Deaf, hearing, CODA's (Children of Deaf Adults) etc. Applications and proposals must be submitted by the 30th of April. Any queries can be directed to Jemina Napier at this email:

Interpreting papers from Robyn Dean.
At the recent Medisigns Conference, Robyn Dean gave a presentation that was of huge benefit to interpreter trainers, interpreting researchers and for interpreters themselves. Robyn has graciously sent copies of her paper to us. The papers are as follows: "Beyond Interesting- Using Demand Control Schema to Structure Experiential Learning". "Consumers and Service Effectiveness in Interpreting Work: A Practice Profession Perspective". "Context Based Ethical Reasoning in Interpreting".

If you would like a copy of these papers, please let us know. Our thanks to Robyn Dean for a very informative presentation and for sharing her knowledge with the wider community.

Welcome back Gerrie O’grady.
We would like to extend a warm welcome back to Gerrie O’Grady, the Manager of Cork Deaf Association. Gerrie was on leave for the last 8 months. We look forward to working with Gerrie again.

Closing for Easter.
Our service will be closed from Good Friday to Easter Monday (inclusive) and will re-open on Tuesday the 2nd of April. We would like to wish all our staff, clients and supporters a very Happy Easter.
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18 March 2013 (VOL 11 WEEK 11)

iPhone app for healtcare professionals.
A new app for healthcare professionals who provide services for Deaf clients was launched in February by MEDISGIGNS. The MEDISIGNS App has been developed by Interesource Group (Ireland) Ltd in which the Centre for Deaf Studies (CDS), Trinity College Dublin is a partner along with experts from University of Nicosia, Cyprus, the Foundation for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship, Lodz, Poland, Stockholm University, Sweden and Heriot-Watt University, Scotland

One of the core goals of the MEDISIGNS project is the creation of CPD training in a blended learning environment for interpreters/medical staff and Deaf people as well as developing tools, such as the App, to improve access to healthcare through improved communications. If you would like to test the App, you can get in touch with the App developers at

Professor Lorraine Leeson going stateside.
We would like to extend our best wishes to Professor Lorraine Leeson who will be the 2013 -14 "Julian and Virginia Cornell Distinguished Visiting Professor" at Swarthmore College in Philadelphia. Lorraine is the Director of CDS in Trinity College and is well known nationally and indeed internationally. Lorraine is looking forward to being stateside for a year and we wish her all the best with this new venture.

CDS students on placement with our service.
Our service has been hosting 3rd & 4th year Deaf Studies/Irish Sign Language (ISL) Interpreting students from CDS in Trinity College for the past few weeks. This week we will welcome back two interpreter students who also came to our service as part of their 3rd year training last year.

CONOR O'BEIRNE is now a 4th year student and first started learning sign language from a library book as part of his Gaisce awards in Transition Year in secondary school. At the time, he was deciding which college course to choose and originally wanted something in nursing or sports. He put down the Diploma in Deaf Studies course as a back up option as the course sounded interesting and it also was a further option for getting into college

He accepted the Deaf Studies course and also applied for a PLC course in nursing as Deaf studies was only at diploma level at that time. Luckily for Conor, at the introductory lecture they were told that this had now changed to a Degree. This was ideal for Conor and meant he didn’t have to through the CAO system to pursue a PLC course and risk not getting into college.

Although he accepted Deaf Studies, he didn’t really know what he was getting himself into, but he has never regretted his decision. It has opened more doors and opportunities than he could have imagined. He feels lucky as the nursing option may have lead him having to move abroad in search of work.

ANTHONY CLAFFEY is also a 4th year interpreting student in CDS. This is his second visit on placement to our service. He had such a good time last year that he wanted to come back again this year.

His first interaction with a Deaf person was on a visit to England when he was 14 years old to meet his friend’s sister who was Deaf. This is where he learned to lip read. Anthony funnily enough bumped into his friends sister at a wedding last year (15 years later) and she was shocked seeing him fluently using sign language.

His application to CDS came about as a result of his travels abroad to Australia and the Far East. He met a number of Deaf people on his travels and travelled with some of them to a number of different countries, learning sign language as he went along. He remembers ringing home to Ireland and asking his brother to post him a book on ISL to read because his Deaf friends were sick of him pestering them to teach him sign language. Upon returning to Ireland his interest in ISL and the Deaf Community had grown considerably and he decided to apply to CDS and train up in Deaf Studies and Interpreting.

SLIS interpreting and IT vacancies.
The national Sign Language Interpreting Service (SLIS) is delighted inform you of upcoming vacancies.

The first vacancy is for an IT Project Development post and more details are available at

The 2nd vacancies are for Irish Sign Language/ English Interpreters. The Interpreter posts are a year long contract that will be mainly working on the IRIS project (Irish Remote Interpreting Service – run in collaboration with DeafHear and IDS) but they will also act as an in-house interpreter. More information is available at

Both jobs have a closing date of 1pm Thursday 4th April 2013 and interviews will be held for the Interpreters on Monday 15th April and the IT job on Tuesday 16th April. More information and application forms can be requested by email on or by voice/sms 087 650 6651.

Deafher Easter fun day.
Deafhear Killarney will host an Easter Fun Day on Tuesday 2nd April from 11am to 1pm in St Brigid's Community Centre Tralee.

The event is for families with deaf and hard of hearing children aged between 2-11 years, siblings are also welcome! On the day, there will be an Easter egg hunt, cookie decorating, arts and crafts and a chance to make an Easter hat. Deafhear would like you to come along and have some Easter Fun. Meet other families. Meet the staff of Deafhear. Advice and information will also be available. For more, you can ring 064 66 20052 and ask for Jo.
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11 March 2013 (VOL 11 WEEK 10)

Happy Mother's Day.
On behalf of our service, we wanted to wish all our Deaf and hearing mothers of deaf, hard of hearing and hearing children a very happy Mother's Day. Hope you all enjoyed the celebrations on Sunday.

Final pottery class this Thursday.
Our final pottery and clay class will be on this Thursday (14th of March). These classes have been provided on a voluntary basis by Susanne Mooney originally from Germany and living in Dingle. The classes have run for a total of ten weeks. In addition, to providing the clay and pottery tutoring, Susanne brought the finished products back to Dingle to be fired up in a kiln.

The students in the classes have produced a wide range of products and have thoroughly enjoyed each class. We want to say a huge thank you to Susanne for coming to our service on work placement and for providing hours of expert tuition to our clients. If you would like to see Susanne before she leaves, make sure to drop in for a chat and a cup of tea on Thursday.

ITT sign language society.
The Inst. of Technology in Tralee established a sign language society last year in conjunction with Ahsan Memon, a Deaf student in the college. Ahsan completed his studies in the ITT and a hearing student started basic classes there this academic year.

Demand has continued to grow and it would be ideal if a Deaf tutor could take over the classes in September. These classes are usually run during break times in the college and students pay a small fee to the tutor. If you are interested in tutoring, please send us your details and we will inform the Student’s Society.

Flora women's mini marathon.
The Flora Women's Mini Marathon will be held in Dublin on the 3rd of June at 2pm. Online registration is now open at

If you are considering running, jogging or walking in the marathon, would you consider fundraising for our service? If so, the first thing to do is sign up online. You will need a telephone number and date of birth for every lady you wish to enter.

The organisers would like to remind everyone that entrants should be women only and men may not compete in this event.

Thereafter, you can contact us and we will provide sponsorship cards. As part of your training, we can put updates in our newsletter to inform our readers of your progress and how you do on the day too.

In addition to our service, the Ethiopia Deaf Project that we are involved in, is also looking for volunteers- if you are interested in running for them, you can get further information at

Ethiopia great run in November.
Would you like to travel to Ethiopia and take part in the world renowned Great Ethiopian Run alongside some of Ethiopia’s best athletes? The race is an annual 10-kilometre road running event, which takes place in late November in Addis Ababa.

According to Stephen Monaghan, this would be a five-day trip: 10km run in Addis & two nights in Ambo with the Deaf, some of who would join in the run?

If interested, participants would be expected to raise approx 2,500 euro. A few people have already expressed an interest to Stephen. However, no details are confirmed at present. Proceeds from this will go towards the cost of maintaining a Deaf school, which was opened recently, and to further develop our work in opening a Deaf Centre and a vocational skills training centre. For more information, go to

Property tax website now online.
The official website for the property tax went online a few days ago. The site is available via Revenue's website. The purpose of the site is to allow home owners check what their property is valued at, which in turn will indicate how much property tax they need to pay?

The valuations stem from various sources such as the An Post geodirectory, stamp duty data, census data and the recently established property price register. Ireland is broken down into around 3000 electoral districts. You choose your area followed by the type of house you own and then whether it was built pre-or-post 2000. The site then tells you which price band you fall in, which in turn will correlate to the cost of your property tax.

Self-assessment requires property owners to honestly assess the market value of their own property. If a property is smaller or larger than the average for the area, is in a significantly poor state of repair or has exceptional or unique features, this will have to be factored into the assessment of the valuation band of the property. For more information, go to
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4 March 2013 (VOL 11 WEEK 9)

Synopsis of EFSLI and Medisigns conference.
This has been a busy week for sign language interpreters and trainers in Ireland. There were two major events going on- EFSLI and MEDISIGNS.

Lorraine Leeson- Professor and Director of the Centre for Deaf Studies gives an account of the week. "First we welcomed colleagues from EFSLI (European Forum of Sign Language Interpreters) from over 20 countries here to Dublin for the third in a series of seminars to focus on curricular issues in the training of sign language interpreters. Our Provost, Professor Paddy Prendergast opened proceedings, setting the scene for a very fruitful discussion guided by Prof David Little's keynote on assessment. This paved the way for two days of fruitful discussion and collaboration.

Then we moved on to a two-day seminar on healthcare interpreting. This was launched by the Deputy Lord Mayor, Cllr. Clare Byrne in Dublin's Mansion House where we helped to wet the head of the Lord Mayor's newest bundle of joy! Our very own Prof John Saeed opened proceedings for the Medisigns conference. Then we had contributions from a range of academics and policy makers including Prof Jemina Napier, Asim Sheikh, Robin Dean, Dr. Anna-Lena Nilsson, Caoimhe Gleeson, Ilana Rozanes, Haaris Sheikh, Carmel Grehan and yours truly (Prof Lorraine Leeson)! It was wonderful to welcome colleagues from across Ireland to an event that showcased content they were integral to.

Thanks to KDRC, DCC, CAD, DeafHear, IDS, Bridge Interpreting, SLIS, CISLI, ITIA and the many individuals who made the work possible. A drop in the ocean in terms of what needs to be done, but hopefully a step in the right direction. Made possible thanks to Leonardo da Vinci funding".

KDRC would like to thank Veronica White, Suzanne Carey and Willie White for representing our service at the MEDISIGNS conference.

Interpreting students on placement with our service.
This week we would like to welcome a further two sign language interpreting students from the Centre for Deaf Studies in Trinity College.

Eileen Drumgoole is a fourth year interpreting student studying Irish Sign Language (ISL). Her first introduction to ISL was in primary school when the teacher showed the class the alphabet and everyone learned how to spell their names. From this experience, Eileen always wanted to learn more. When she finished secondary school, she enrolled in two night classes, one in her local College and the second in the DeafHear office in Dundalk.

Over the years, she has been actively involved in the Deaf Community in Dundalk. She has volunteered in the DeafHear office which give her the opportunity to meet with the local Deaf and hard of hearing people in the community. She has also been on the Dundalk Deaf Group committee for the last two years and was elected as secretary for the group in 2011-2012. She has worked with the group in organising and planning numerous social events. Most recently, she helped organise the Marketing and PR for the annual Christmas carols through Sign Language.

Leanne Saurin is also a fourth year student in CDS, training to become an ISL/English Interpreter. She became interested in ISL when she taught swimming lessons to a child who was a CODA (hearing Child of Deaf Adults). Leanne then applied to CDS after finishing secondary school. She has been involved in various activities in the Deaf community over the past four years.

She was a volunteer with IDS, and is now involved in IDYA St. Patrick's Day event. Leanne is now a staff member in IDS and is administrator for the ISL Academy.

Ongoing classes in our centre.
We would like to thank Susanne Mooney for continuing to provide pottery and clay classes to our clients. These classes have been very successful and feedback on the classes has been great.

In addition, Abigail Cahill continues to teach card and craft making classes as part of her own training as an Illustrator. As we are now approaching St. Patrick’s Day, we hope to run St. Patrick Day card making classes.

For those who are interested, Veronica White from the National Chaplaincy for Deaf People is also willing to attend and talk about the life of St. Patrick. If you are interested in this, please let us know.

Lastly, Willie White is continuing to provide classes on the linguistics of Irish Sign Language. These classes are full at the moment and further classes will be held in due course.
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