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25 June 2012 (VOL 10 WEEK 26)

Subtitled movie in Tralee
Tralee Omniplex Cinema is showing a subtitled movie on the 27th of June at 6pm. The movie is Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter in 3D. The cinema is based in Dan Spring Road in Tralee. We are delighted and thrilled to see access grow and grow for movie goers across Ireland and its fantastic to see Tralee Omniplex also providing subtitle access.

Spread the word to any Deaf person or hard of hearing you may know about this movie. It would also benefit people with limited English- the subtitles would help them to following the English spoken word too. For more information on Tralee Omniplex, go to

. Reminder of youth camp in conjunction with CDA
We want to remind those who have registered for the Youth Camp which will be held in Tralee in July. It will be held from the 23rd - 27th of July. This is being organised in conjunction with Cork Deaf Association. This follows on from a very successful camp in Kenmare last summer.

The camp will include a 5 full day programme with a range of activities e.g. team challenges, swimming, bowling, visit to Tralee Wetlands, hill walking, sightseeing in Killarney and rock climbing & high rope climbing in Dingle. Look forward to catching up with everyone and participating in all the events. Our sincere thanks to everyone involved in planning the camp and to all in CDA too.

Successful CODA get-together in Cork We would like to thank all those who were involved in the CODA (Children of Deaf Adults) event in Ballyhoura in Co. Cork over the weekend. CODA's from Co. Kerry, Dublin had a fantastic get-together over the weekend. A special word of thanks to Lisa for booking the venue. To Marie and the UK CODA's for flying into Ireland especially for the event. Lastly, a thanks to all those who travelled from Kerry and Dublin, to those who did the shopping, cooking, and entertaining- a great time was had by all.

More information is available on Facebook- look for CODA Ireland (Hearing Children of Deaf Adults).

Farewell party for Dublin Deaf Association (DDA
The DDA has been situated in Drumcondra for the past 22years and has been a vital service to the Deaf community in Dublin and nationally. They will be relocating to the new Deaf Village in Cabra and will be having a farewell party.

It will be held on the 14th of July at 5pm. There will be entertainment, food, reliving the past, exhibitions and much more. It will also be an opportunity to see the building and lots of people from the Deaf community throughout Ireland. It will also be a time to remember the laughter, joys and good times, which were had in Drumcondra.

The event is strictly over 18. Tickets cost 5euro up to 5th of July and 10euro after that date. Payment by cash only. Please book early, as there will be a limited number of tickets on sale.

You can get tickets at the DDA or by emailing or by text message to 087 096 6687.

Deaf Education Centre in Dublin
The Deaf Education Centre has a visiting research space available for individuals or organisations to use on a short-term basis (up to 12 weeks). It is furnished with desks and storage and has internet (bring your own computer). If you or your organisation is interested in applying to spend a term in the Centre, you can email Elizabeth Matthews at

You need to have Garda clearance and a willingness to share your research results. The Centre is now booked up to August. However, applications are being accepted for September onwards.

Cork midsummer festival- subtitled performances
For the first time ever, Cork Midsummer Festival 2012 is delighted to present assisted performances of selected Festival productions. Assisted performances give audiences with sensory disabilities full access to theatre by means of subtitling/ captioning for Deaf and hard of hearing and audio description for blind and visually impaired people.

The following performances will be of interest to the Deaf: - Pat Kinevane and Fishamble: The New Play Company presents "Silent" in the Cork Arts Theatre on the 29th June at 8pm. This will have captioning and audio description.

The Ark and Theatre Lovett present "The Girl Who Forgot to Sing Badly". This will be held in The Everyman on the 30th of June at 2.30pm. This is a family performance for children 7 years of age and older. This will have captioning.

These events are facilitated by Arts & Disability Ireland, with funding from Arts and Disability Networking (ADN) Cork. For more information, go to
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18 June 2012 (VOL 10 WEEK 25)

Welcome Home to April Drew We would like to extend a very warm welcome home to April Drew who has abroad for approx 8 years. Prior to this April worked as a sign language interpreter in Co. Kerry and was well known in the Deaf community.

April is re-locating to Limerick and is available again for sign language interpreting work. During her time abroad, April continued to interpret for Irish Deaf people in the NY area. She also worked as an au pair, in the restaurant trade, journalism and finally the Editor of an Irish newspaper and brings this wealth of experience back to Ireland with her. She has since married and has two children and her husband hails originally from the Limerick region.

While she will be based in Limerick, we are fortunate that she is willing to commute to Kerry for occasional work. As soon as she settles into her new abode, she will make contact with Deaf related services and hopefully you will see her interpreting at Deaf related events shortly.

CODA get-together in Cork We would like to wish a group of UK and Irish CODA's well at an upcoming informal get-together in Co. Cork this weekend. CODA stands for Children of Deaf Adults. CODA's have a unique linguistic and cultural experience as they grow up in both the Deaf and hearing communities and come together to share this unique background. This event is for CODA's over 18 years of age. This is a follow on from a successful CODA event in Duke's Barn in the UK a number of years ago. In addition, some of the participants went to CODA Berlin. A number of CODA's from Kerry will attend the weekend activities and we wish them well and hope they all have a good reunion. More information is available on Facebook- look for CODA Ireland (Hearing Children of Deaf Adults).

Research on music and deaf people Íde O' Sullivan is an Irish student and currently completing her Masters Degree in the area of music education for people with special needs at the University of Roehampton, London. For her final dissertation, she has chosen to research the area of music in the lives of the Deaf. The research on this topic is limited and very outdated. On top of that, existing literature seems to be written by members of the Hearing Community without any input from the Deaf Community and this is very evident when reading it.

For her dissertation, she is aiming to get input from the Deaf on this topic and use this information to understand more about their experiences with music and opinions on its place in their lives. Below is a link to an online survey that Ide is distributing to Deaf Associations across the USA, UK and Ireland. She is looking for hard-of-hearing/deaf participants who are aged 18+ and were either born deaf or experienced hearing loss before the age of 5.

If you have any questions or would like more information about this research, please email: You can also contact her dissertation supervisor, Adam Ockelford at:

Irish deaf camping & caravanning group The Irish Deaf Camping and Caravanning group is going from strength to strength and are organising get-togethers for people who like to go camping or to caravan parks. The next camping weekend will be held in Redcross from the 13th to 15th of July. If you are keen to join the group or want further information, check out their facebook page or email

Annual leave in august We would like to give all our clients advance notice of our upcoming annual leave in August. We will close from the 1st of August to the 31st of August (inclusive). If you require interpreting access for medical or legal emergencies during this time, freelance interpreters may be available by contacting the national Sign Language Interpreting Service (SLIS) at
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11 June 2012 (VOL 10 WEEK 24)

Digital Switchover: Community Outreach Programme
Major changes will happen to television in Ireland this year, when the analogue network will be replaced by digital. This will happen on 24th October 2012. For people still using the analogue system you may notice some changes with your television (more or fewer channels on your TV).

Saorview, Irish digital television, is available now and is free to most people. The Community Outreach Digital Switchover Programme is managed by The Wheel and Irish Rural Link, with funding from the Dept. of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources. Its aim is to bring awareness and understanding to viewers and enable them to make the switchover to digital.

"Champions of the Digital Switchover" are the point of contact for information about the switch. They can meet you to organise events for your local Deaf community and must involve Deaf people in this. Irish Deaf Society can answer any questions you may have about the Champions of the Digital Switchover and can provide you with a list of the “Champion” in your local area. Contact Tracey Treanor, Deaforward, by text at 0863847023, fax: 018601986, or email: for details.

Sign language users needed for research
Fluent ISL users who use ISL as a primary form of communication are needed for participation in a unique study: trying to sign the same sentence at the same time as another person! The research will be carried out at the Centre for Deaf Studies, Dublin, sometime in June depending on your schedule. It will take approx. 1 hour. If you are interested, email Eileen Wahl at

UK Deaf business exhibition 2012
Thinking about setting up your own business? An exhibition on empowering and educating young business starters, future entrepreneurs, and new small business owners who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, CODA, and Sign Language users will be held on 22nd-25th July 2012 in London.

This is the first expo of its kind in the UK and it will give focus to D/deaf people who wish to start their own business. There will be information and guidance on how to start your own business, to network and opportunities to discuss business ideas with likeminded individuals. As well as presentations and interactive seminars, various relevant organisations will be present.

For more information about the expo and to register, go to

Conference on access to 112 emergency number

A conference examining the impact of the REACH112 project is to be held in Santiago de Compostela, Spain on 28th-29th June. Reach112 is an initiative supported by the EU to develop accessible modes of communication that are an alternative to traditional voice telephony, and are suitable to all, including people who are Deaf/hard of hearing.

REACH 112 provides communication options including live real-time text conversation, sign language, lip reading, voice or any simultaneous combination of these modes (Total Conversation). A 12-month pilot has been implemented in Sweden, UK, Holland, France and Spain allowing users to communicate at a distance with each other and directly with the emergency services. As part of the project IP devices are provided in the homes, workplaces and on the move, connecting the users simultaneously in video, voice and text. Users can connect between countries and different service providers, on mobile and fixed IP networks. Users can also connect through a third-party service (relay) with voice telephone users.

Registration for the conference is free and open to all on registration. Conference languages are International Sign, English and Spanish. For more information see: and
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4 June 2012 (VOL 10 WEEK 23)

"Prometheus" to be shown in Tralee with subtitles This Wednesday 6th June Tralee Omniplex Cinema will show another film with subtitles. This time it is the eagerly awaited Ridley Scott’s prequel to Aliens, entitled “Prometheus” (12A). It stars Kerry native Michael Fassbender as the android David.

According to, the plot follows a team of scientists as they journey through the universe on the spaceship "Prometheus" to investigate advanced Alien life forms. They become stranded on an Alien world, and as they struggle to survive it becomes clear that the horrors they experience are not just a threat to themselves, but to all of mankind.

The film will be start at 5.40pm this Wednesday 6th June.

St. Joseph’s House visit Killarney Residents at St. Joseph’s House for Deafblind, Stillorgan, Dublin, will be visiting Kerry from Monday 11th June for four nights. They will be staying at the Malton Hotel, Killarney. KDRC has been contacted by St. Joseph’s to let members of the Kerry Deaf community if any friends are around theKillarney area on those nights, please feel free to call in for a chat from approx. 7.30pm onwards.

IDYA Usher Syndrome Awareness Night The IDYA are holding an awareness night for you to find out more about Usher Syndrome. You will have the opportunity to find out what life is like for three deaf individuals who all have had different life experiences.

The presentation will be held at the Dublin Deaf Club, Drumcondra, Dublin, on Thursday 28th June at 7pm. ISL/BSL interpretation is provided.

DS3 Summer School
DS3, which provides support and advice to Deaf and hard of hearing students starting college, or for those in second level who are thinking about college, is holding its 7th annual Summer School on 3rd and 4th July in UCC.

The summer school is especially designed to help students prepare for the transition to 3rd level. There will be various activities over the two days, as well as demonstrations of supports and the experience of different lecture types. The days are completely free: all activities, food and accommodation will be paid for. This 2-day event is for all Deaf/hard of hearing students applying to any third level course, and is not conditional on receiving a college offer. There will be ISL interpreters available.

The deadline for applications is Friday 15th June. You can fill out an application form here: For more information contact Darrelle Keegan at or text 0879150697.

Why Hearing Aids Whistle Presentation The National Deaf Children's Society has made an interesting video about why hearing aids whistle. The presentation is in English with subtitles. It mainly focuses on problems that arise with children’s’ hearing aids. However, if you are experiencing difficulties with your own hearing aids, it may provide some useful information. You can watch the video here:
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