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30 July 2012 (VOL 10 WEEK 31)

Successful residential camp.
Last week was a very busy week for our service and for many of our young clients. A residential camp was held in Tralee in conjunction with Cork Deaf Association.

The camp was open to youth under 18 years of age from Cork and Kerry and included Deaf sign language users, hard of hearing, individuals with cochlear implants and for hearing kid/teenagers from Deaf families. It was also open to young adults with disabilities including autism, learning disability and night blindness. To ensure everyone was safe and sound, there were three full time senior leaders Susan O'Callaghan, Veronica White and Anthony Claffey and two Junior leaders Steven White and Roisin Ormond. There were also a number of volunteers that worked long hours and they included Patrick Doody, Geraldine Broderick, John Patrick Doherty, Mike Callanan, Daniel Callanan and Willie White. The total number of participants and volunteers for the week was 31.

The itinerary included Hill walking, swimming in the Tralee AquaDome, Oceanworld and Play at Height Climbing Wall & High Ropes in Dingle, Beach Activities, Games and BBQ in Poulgorm, Cycling and sightseeing in the Killarney National Parks, Bowling in Tralee Bowling Buddies, Paddle Boating and tour in Tralee wetlands. On top of this was Chinese take away; Pizza and DVD's back in the Sean Mhuileann apartments in Tralee.

The event was a great success and we are very grateful to all the leaders and volunteers. We could not have done the camp without your hard work, support and dedication. Our thanks to Cork Deaf Association for all their hard work and support. A special word of thanks to Susan O'Callaghan and Veronica White who worked tirelessly over the past few months organising the event. Thanks also to Mary Duggan who provided one to one support to one of our young adults for a number of sessions.

Census statistics on Deaf and hard of hearing.
In the most recent Census held in Ireland, questions were listed for the 1st time relating to the number of Deaf and hard of hearing people. It also covered the number of those who communicated through Irish Sign Language. The CSO has just informed us that these statistics will be published in Profile 8- Bill of Health - Health, Disability and Carers on the 1st November 2012.

IDS heroes awards.
The Irish Deaf Society and Hidden Hearing have launched its HEROES awards 2012 for the Deaf and hard of hearing community in Ireland. The awards are for those who have made a significant and important contribution to their society, community, workplace, family or through sports.

If you know a Deaf or hard of hearing person who deserves an award, you can nominate them (or yourself) by filling in the application form.

Categories include:
  1. Social Contribution Award recognising a Deaf or Hard of Hearing person's contribution to society and their community.
  2. Workplace Award for someone who has excelled in the workplace.
  3. Youth Award for those aged between 6-18 who have achieved much in their young lives.
  4. Grandparents Award for a special grandparent deserving of an award.
  5. Sportsperson Award recognising the sporting achievement of a Deaf or Hard of Hearing person.
  6. Media Award for a campaigner who has highlighted topics related to those who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing.
  7. Lifetime Achievement Award for an individual who has played a key role over their lifetime. vStudent Award which is an award for a Deaf or Hard of Hearing person who has done well at second or third level education.
  8. Organisation Award which for an organisation that works on behalf of or with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community.
If you would more information or would like to send in an Irish Sign Language application, you can contact and they will organise that with you.

Closed for annual leave.
This is to inform everyone that we will close for annual leave from the 1st of August to the 1st of Sept. We would like to thank all our staff and volunteers for all their hard work to date.

If you require access to sign language interpreting for medical or legal emergencies during this period, go to
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23 July 2012 (VOL 10 WEEK 30)

Update on Ethiopia deaf project.
We have just received an update on the Ethiopia Deaf Project, which we have been involved in for the past 2 years. It comes from Fr. Stephen Monaghan who originally identified the need for a Deaf Centre in Ambo, Ethiopia.

Stephen says "Hi Everyone, just posting a few up to date photos of the ALDC school. They are making great progress and it’s hoped that the building will be complete at the end of August. I have also managed to secure additional funding for the building of a play/sports ground next to the school. I am hoping all the necessary paper work will be completed soon to allow the builders get on with this part of the plan. Despite the fact that this will delay the opening of the school, it will mean that the school facility will be greatly enhanced for the children.

Once complete the school will welcome children from grades 5-8 (10yr-14yr). The children will graduate to ALDC from the local government school and be facilitated to complete their education through total communication. This is the first time this option has been available to them.

I know its not 'Deaf Village Ireland' which is looking wonderful, but its a significant development in the lives of the Deaf community in Ambo. Congratulations and thanks to all who have helped it progress this far. Thanks also to Misean Cara for the additional funding for the playground. I am hoping to have even more up to date photos next week with the return of some more volunteers. You can see one or two of the lads from St. Paul’s College, a Vincentian School in Dublin who were in Ambo and who worked on the building site each day. The Lads from Castleknock College were involved in the building as well. I am not altogether sure when the official opening will be. But I will keep you posted. In the mean time enjoy the few images of the school as it progresses".

We echo what Stephen says - a huge thank you to everyone who has supported the project to date. Its great to think that even in a recession, we can contribute to the development of a Deaf school in Ethiopia. This is a life-changing project and will have major positive changes for the Deaf community in Ambo.

If you would like to see photos and further updates, go to

Positive feedback on our service.
We The past 18 months has been a very difficult time for our service- funding cuts, staff redundancies & clients requiring further supports within limited resources.

On a positive, the feedback from clients and supporters continues to be high and very positive. We would like to share some feedback we received recently. These come from students and academics that contacted us for support with their studies and research. Working with students, academics and researchers is an important part of our service. It increases awareness of our service and supports. It is an opportunity to highlight the rights of the Deaf and hard of hearing community. It also contributes to further research and policies, which in turn will benefit our community.

Gill Harold has just completed her PhD thesis and VIVA and she says "I would like to say a massive and most sincere thank you for the tremendous support you have given to me since I began my research. I am so grateful and feel very lucky to have been introduced to you. You have always been so encouraging, helping me out in so many ways - with organising times, venues for interviews, taking such a genuine interest and always inspiring me to think about the decision and actions I've taken in this research. There have been many challenges since I began, but every time I've been fortunate to meet with you, your integrity and passion for equality and access have reminded me of the worhtwhileness of the research, something which has spurred me on at times when I needed it most.

Without doubt, one of the best things about doing this research has been getting to meet you and learning all about the great work being done at KDRC. I truly look forward to keeping in close contact with you all. Thanks for everything".

Megan Winter, Susan O'Sullivan, Norma Maher, Ealish Whillock, & Abbi Sheridan, Social Care Degree students in the Institute of Technology write "We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to discuss the Kerry Deaf Resource Centre with us. It was very interesting and enlightening and gave all of us a wonderful and educated insight into what you do at the Centre.

We especially appreciate the information and advice you have provided and your assistance has been invaluable to us during this process. We also look forward to recommending the services provided by the Kerry Deaf Resource Centre and liaising with you in the future".

Grainne Keane of University College Cork says "Hello to all. Thank you & you all for your help with my research project. I appreciate the kindness you all showed me. Take care & Thank you".

We are very grateful for this feedback. This would not be possible without the continued hard work and support from our staff members. A huge thank you to all concerned.
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16 July 2012 (VOL 10 WEEK 29)

Thank you to volunteers.
We would like to extend a huge thank you to the volunteers who assisted us with a Street Collection in Killarney on Friday. The income from these collections is a vital source of income to our service. We appreciate the time and effort these volunteers contributed on the day. Our thanks also to everyone who participated in the planning and organising of the collection.

Deaf people travelling within the EU-public consultation.
Do you have any problems with travelling within the EU? Have you ever been denied boarding because you are Deaf or had other problems? Now you have the chance to share your problems and obstacles with the EU through the public consultation:

This is a very important issue for the Deaf community throughout Europe. A number of years ago, Deaf people from Kerry were denied boarding a plane in Spain after the World Federation of the Deaf congress. This had a major impact on their travel plans. Later on, the airline did compensate the group for the inconvenience but it did not adequately address the discrimination they faced. If you have experienced any discrimination when you travel, please fill in this survey.

GP & Deaf patient survey.
Last week, we informed you of an online survey which will look at better communication between a family doctor (GP) and Deaf patients with sign language including ISL interpreters. In particular, Internet and apps on a smartphone, iPhone or Android.

If you are a trained sign language interpreter, qualified medical/ healthcare professional or medical student - the App developer would like to meet with you or get your feedback. You can contact Alma by email at

Alma hopes to develop an awareness information pack for general practitioners with communication guidelines on working with Irish Sign Language users. It will give the practitioner a better understanding of the communication strategies used between the doctor and Deaf patient, with or without a sign-language interpreter. The app will include Deaf awareness training, and communication tactics with Irish Sign Language users and with sign-language interpreters in medical settings.

Online survey for ISL interpreters

Best of luck with Alma Bermingham and we look forward to the App becoming available online for the Deaf community and the medical profession.

Cork Deaf Association (CDA) looking for church collectors.
CDA are looking for volunteers for upcoming collections on the 21st and 22nd of July. Volunteers are required for the following Churches- Farranree, Douglas, Curraheen Road, Dennehy's Cross, Holy Trinity Church, Fr Matthew Quay, North Cathedral, The Glen, Knocknaheeny, Lower Glanmire Road, & The Lough.

CDA have been extremely supportive of our service over the past number of years and we have been involved in a number of inter-agency initiatives with them. If you could show your support at any of the places above, they would really appreciate it.

Supports for deaf students for upcoming academic year.
Although, we are only mid way through the summer holidays, its important for Deaf and hard of hearing students to check what disability supports will be available to them for the upcoming academic year. This is more important than ever with the ongoing cuts due to the recession in Ireland.

On the AHEAD website, they list a range of different supports that can assist a Deaf or hard of hearing student participate in lectures and tutorials. Not all colleges can provide all the supports mentioned. However, if one or a combination of the supports listed will be useful to you, you should request them from your college.

Students must bear in mind that to avail themselves of any of the supports listed below, they will have to negotiate for them with the Disability / Access Officer and/or the lecturers and tutors.

To see the lists of supports, go to and scroll down to DEAF AND HARD OF HEARING STUDENTS.
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9 July 2012 (VOL 10 WEEK 28)

Street collection - volunteers required
Our service will hold a Street Collection in Killarney on the 13th of July from 11am to 5pm. We are looking for volunteers for this event. We would appreciate any time you can offer whether it’s an hour, half-day, full day.

This is a very important fundraiser for our service. It is becoming more critical with the constant cuts that organisations such as ours are experiencing. Your support would be greatly appreciated.

GP and D/deaf patient survey.
Alma Bermingham would like to inform you of an online survey for ISL interpreters which will look at better communication between a family doctor (GP) and Deaf patients with sign language including ISL interpreters. In particular, Internet and apps on a smartphone, that is iPhone or Android. She would really appreciate it if you could take a few moments to fill it out at

Home tuition in sign language scheme survey
The Deaf Education Centre has developed a survey to gather information from people who are working in the ISL support scheme. This is the scheme where an adult (usually Deaf) goes to the home of a family with a Deaf child to teach ISL.

The main aim of the survey is to make a database (list) so tutors can be contacted. A second reason is to find out a little bit about the background of tutors, such as where they are working, what level of training they have.

The survey is suitable to tutors who have worked as an ISL home tutor recently (in the last year), are working as an ISL home tutor now, or plan to work as an ISL home tutor soon (in the next year).

Instructions are listed on the survey at the following weblink

Irish deaf news (in sign language)
In the most recent edition of IDN, there are two interesting items for the Deaf community. One is the ongoing issue with Ulster Bank, which has affected some Deaf customers. On Ulster Bank's website, they say they hope that the week commencing 9 July will be the final week of any significant delays for their customers. They expect gradual, but significant and noticeable, improvements throughout the remainder of this week. It is their expectation that by the week beginning 16 July the vast majority of customers will return to a normal service, but some residual reconciliations may be required. Once again they would like to unreservedly apologise to their customers. They will continue to provide daily updates on their progress on

The other item is a change to Visa rules for those moving to Australia. With the current recession, we are seeing more people including members of the Deaf community applying for Visas to Australia. The new rules may impact on new applications. For more information, contact the Australian Embassy at or

To see IDN Edition 123, go to

What will the information be used for?
The information gathered will be used to create a mailing list to contact you about future projects involving ISL tuition. The names and contact details are used for the mailing list only. The database will be used by the Deaf Education Centre primarily, but if another organisation asks for a tutor in their area, we will contact you to ask if we can forward your details on. On the survey, you have the option to say that you are happy to have your details on our website so parents can contact you directly.

There will also be some simple analysis on the characteristics of those who respond such as where they work, their level of training, etc. Those findings may be used for future planning and a brief report will be made available on the DEC website about these findings. For example, a brief report may be produced about the lack of tutors in particular locations or the level of qualifications overall. Any discussion of the findings of this analysis will NOT use names of those who respond. This part of the survey will be analysed by Dr. Elizabeth Mathews.

Further information is available by email:

Irish deaf film festival
The Irish Deaf Society (IDS) is proud to present the 1st Irish Deaf Film Festival. The event will be held from the 12th-14th of October 2012. It will be held in the Lighthouse Cinema in Dublin.

Entry is €20 if you register before the 14th of September and increases to 30euro after that date. For more information, go to or email

This promises to be a great event for the Irish Deaf community. Our best wishes to the IDS and to the organisers of the festival.
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2 July 2012 (VOL 10 WEEK 27)

Rath Cemetery annual mass
Rath Cemetery annual mass will be held on Wednesday 11th July at 7.30pm. Sign language interpreting will be provided at the mass. Our thanks to the organizers for continuing to provide access to the Deaf community.

Vacancy: Manager of Deaf Village Ireland
Deaf Village Ireland is looking for a manager. If you are interested in applying for this job, please send an up-to-date CV with a letter of application explaining why you are the most suitable person for the job.

The position is full time and the ideal candidate will: - Be able to communicate effectively in written English and Irish Sign Language - Have good information technology skills - Be well organised and an effective coordinator and problem solver - Be able to work with a variety of groups and organisations - Have experience in managing a facility - Have some knowledge of health and safety legislation - Have at least 3 years’ experience in a management role The closing date for applications is strictly 5pm Tuesday 10th July 2012. You can email your CV and letter of application to or post them to The Chairperson, Deaf Village Ireland, c/o 40 Lower Drumcondra Rd, Drumcondra, D9.

If you require any further information about the position you can contact Deaf Village Ireland by text/phone on 087 675 3475 or see their website:

Please download 'Manager Deaf Village.' in PDF Download (size 186KB).

Cork Deaf Association’s family fun day
It’s that time of year again with loads of summer activities being organised by the Deaf Community all over the country!

Starting with Cork Deaf Association’s Family Fun Day, which is on next Saturday 7th July from 12-5pm at St. Colombas School, Douglas. Admission is €10 per family. A fun day with games and activities for the whole family!

For more information contact Susan O’Callaghan at CDA by fax/text: 0214506190 or email: Sharing the journey: A summer project with a difference!
Sharing the Journey is an independent organisation established by parents of d/Deaf and hard of hearing children.

Sharing the Journey’s Summer Project will be held at The Resource Centre, Marian Campus, Cabra, Dublin from 9th July–3rd August 2012. To book a place contact Theresa on 087 916 3168. The Summer Project Programme runs offers children aged 5–12 years the opportunity to learn Irish Sign Language (ISL) while enjoying activities such as performing arts, sports, creative writing and outings.

Each week has a different theme aimed at different age groups and all are open to d/Deaf, hard of hearing and hearing children/teenagers. All teachers, workshop presenters and youth leaders are Garda vetted and have completed Child Protection and Deaf awareness training. Activities are presented bilingually (ISL/English).

Please download 'Summer Project Overview' in Word Document Download (size 308KB).

Irish Deaf Society: summerfest
Irish Deaf Society’s SummerFest will be on 22nd July 2012. Fun and games guaranteed! Get involved with different kinds of activities and much more. All welcome to this event and it is open to all Deaf/HOH children, adults, families and friends.

For more information contact the Irish Deaf Society at or check their website - or follow them on Facebook at

Please download 'Summerfest' in Word Document Download (size 308KB).<
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