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30 April 2012 (VOL 10 WEEK 18)

Street collections- volunteers required.
We have a number of Street Collections coming up and require volunteers.
  1. Friday 4th May Tralee.
  2. Friday 22nd June Listowel.
  3. Friday 13th July Killarney.
  4. Saturday 14th September..
These collections are a vital source of income for our service. They are more important now given the accumulative effects of funding cuts over the past number of years. Your support would be greatly appreciated. Please contact Therese in our office for information on times and locations of collections in each town.

Launch of sharing the journey.
Sharing the Journey is a support network for parents with deaf/hard of hearing kids. They will be officially launching their service on the 10th of May. It will be held in The Oak Room, Dublin Mansion House from 5–7pm.

If you would like to represent us at this launch, please let us know. We need to RSVP by Friday 4th May. For more information on the launch, contact Theresa on 0879163168 / 0857225659 or email: launch@sharingthejourney.iek.

Launch of new book - Irish Sign Language, a congnitive linguistic approach.
We would like to extend our congrats to Lorraine Leeson on the publication of her new book. Lorraine is well known in the Deaf community, nationally and internationally and is the Director of the Centre for Deaf Studies in Trinity College. The book is co-authored by John Saeed and is the only book of its kind. It is considered to be an essential resource for sign language teachers and interpreters, students of sign linguistics, and learners of ISL in Ireland, this book offers new insights into the role of gesture, spatial models, iconicity, metaphor, and metonymy in ISL grammar, vocabulary and discourse.

The book describes the social and historical background of this signed language and places Irish Sign Language in a world context. The Signs of Ireland corpus is used to introduce phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics and pragmatics.

It also examines the key influences driving signed language linguistics in the past decade, including: recognition of the role of gesture; the influence of cognitive linguistics; the complexities of iconic representation in signing space; the role of simultaneous construction; and the grammar of ISL. All examples listed are drawn from the Signs of Ireland corpus, one of the largest digital corpora of a signed language in Europe, and are included on the accompanying DVD.

For more information, go to

San Francisco- 1st deaf owned restaurant.
We like to bring you interesting news stories around the globe. Today, we wanted to share a Deaf success story in the business world. In this age of recession and cuts, going into business is a huge challenge for any entrepreneur. When you add in Deaf owners and Deaf staff that communicate via sign language and hearing customers with little or no knowledge of sign language- this could pose many problems.

However, a new Deaf owned Pizzeria opened in San Francisco five months ago called Mozzeria is going from strength to strength. This could inspire Irish entrepreneurs to do something here and create employment opportunities for themselves and the Deaf community.

To see a clip on Mozzeria, go to
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23 April 2012 (VOL 10 WEEK 17)

Update on building work in Ethiopia.
We've have just got an update on the building work of a Deaf Centre in Ethiopia. Stephen Monaghan has just flown home after a week visiting Ambo. According to Stephen, building work is progressing very well. There are four classrooms, a library, two offices, an Audiology room, staff room, storeroom, four toilets and two showers.

On behalf of the Vincentian Lay Missionaries, the Deaf community in Ambo and team of us who flew out to Ethiopia to do training workshops and a need assessment, we would like to thank everyone who has supported the project to date. We are thrilled with the progress and hope to have the Deaf Centre completed by the end of June/early July.

Ethiopia Deaf Centre building work
Ethiopia Deaf Centre building work.

Ethiopia Deaf Centre building work with Fr Gemechu VLMEthiopia Deaf Centre building work with Fr Gemechu VLM.

ITT sports- awards night.
Were you a participant with us in the ITT sports, adventure activities and gym sessions from Sept to Dec and again in Jan to April? If so, you are invited to attend an Awards night as part of the ITT's APA Awards night.

It will take place this Thursday (26th April) in the Meadowlands hotel from 6pm. To make sure we have everyone's names, please confirm with us which sessions you participated in? Our thanks to the ITT Sports & Leisure Dept for all their hard work and for ensuring members from the Deaf community were able to participate in all the events.

Sign Language Association of Ireland (SLAI) meeting.
SLAI will hold an Open Forum on Saturday 9th June in Dublin Deaf Association, Drumcondra Road, Dublin 9. The meeting will be held from 9.30am till 4.30pm. The aim of the forum is to review work to date and discuss strategic developments for the future of SLAI. This meeting would be of interest to sign language tutors in Co. Kerry and across Ireland.

In their announcement, SLAI says 'your presence will be valued and much appreciated'. If you would like a copy of the programme and registration form, contact SLAI or we can send you a copy.

The former MP Lord Jack Ashley passed away this week. After becoming completely deaf at the age of 45, Lord Ashley realised from sitting at the Houses of Parliament how isolating deafness could be and relied on his wife to repeat all the words spoken in the chamber.

It was through this experience that he campaigned throughout his long career for better legislation for people who are deaf or disabled, and firmly believed in equality for all. He also paved the way for many Deaf people to enter political life. It was also a result of this that he successfully campaigned to have live captioning on television.

He was the President of RNID (now known as Action on Hearing Loss) since 1987 and had many notable achievements. CEO Jackie Ballard said: 'Jack was a great role model to anyone with hearing loss. He was such a gentleman, very kind and very giving. He had a brilliant career before and after losing his hearing. But he wasn’t just a supporter of the deaf; he was a champion for people of all disabilities. ‘Jack never stopped working for what he believed in right up until his death and would always speak up on behalf of people who are deaf or disabled. He was a tireless campaigner and there are many people in this country who have a lot to thank him for.'

Listowel Church Collection
We would like to thank a group of volunteers who carried out a Church Collection for our service over the weekend. We would also like to thank Listowel Church and its parishioners for their generosity.

The collection brought in €984.01. This will make a huge difference to our service in light of funding cuts again from the HSE which has reduced our annual funding to a mere €91,000.
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16 April 2012 (VOL 10 WEEK 16)

To follow.
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9 April 2012 (VOL 10 WEEK 15)

Easter Monday: We will not have any notes this week.
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2 April 2012 (VOL 10 WEEK 14)

Youth camp in Tralee in conjunction with CDA.
We are delighted to announce a 5-day (4 night) Youth camp, which will be held in Tralee from the 23rd - 27th of July. This is being organised in conjunction with Cork Deaf Association. This follows on from a very successful camp in Kenmare last summer.

The camp is open to Deaf, hard of hearing, kids of Deaf adults from the age of 10-18. Consideration will also be given to Deaf adults with disabilities (i.e intellectual disability, autism etc).

The camp will include a 5 full day programme with a range of activities e.g. team challenges, swimming, bowling, visit to Tralee Wetlands, hill walking, sightseeing in Killarney and rock climbing & high rope climbing in Dingle.

Four apartments that sleep 6 people have been provisionally booked. This limits the number of participants to 20 youth and 4 adult volunteers. The total cost will be €200 per person approx. This includes accommodation, activities, food and transport. A deposit of €50 (of which €30 is non-refundable) is required to secure the apartments.

KDRC book club.
Our Book and Gift Club had a new delivery of items this week. These items are provided by Bullseye Book Club and are available to view this week. Payment is by cash or by cheque to Bullsyeye Book Club. This week we have the following products:

Cake Tins (€10). Cereal on the Go (€6). 5 IN 1 car charger (€6). 4 book set Goldilocks (€8). Torch in a case (€8). Giant book of stencils (€7) Fashion make up book (€8). Dream Angel Suncatcher (€9). Barnyard Buddies (€13). Hand Puppet (€8). Box of handcrafted cards (€15). Grandma special recipes (€9). Draw really cool stuff (€8). Pop up food covers (€7).

Easter inter-provincial championships cancelled.
Deaf Sports Ireland (DSI) would like to inform you of the cancellation of the Easter Inter-Provincial Championships which was due to take place in Westport on the 7th of April. Accordingly, the evening meal function will not take place on Saturday 7th April. The DSI AGM and the launch of new DSI logo are expected to be postponed as well. A new date and venue will be announced in due course.

For further updates, go to

Sign language interpreter access at titanic rememberance.
Cork Deaf Club have informed us that a sign language interpreter will be provided at the Titanic Remembrance Service which will be held in Cobh on Sunday 15th of April . It will be held at 2pm in St. Coleman’s Cathedral. A wreath laying ceremony on the Promenade will follow this at 3.30pm.

Due to the volume of traffic expected on the day, the organisers are advising people to park in Cork city or in Kent Station and get the train to Cobh.

Reminder of CDS ball and closing date.
The Centre for Deaf Studies in Trinity College would like to remind you of their Gala Ball which will be held on the Friday the 25th of May. This event is open to all. It will also be of interest to past and current students and staff. A deposit of €20 needs to be paid by the 30th of April.

Send postal order or cheque to: Teresa Lynch, Assistant Professor, Centre for Deaf Studies, School of Linguistic, Speech and Communication Sciences, Trinity College, First Floor, 7 - 9 South Leinster Street. Dublin 2

Ireland/UK (IUK) deaf youth camp.
The IUK camp will be held from the 4th to 11th August in Shropshire, England. Eight youth and 2 leaders will be chosen from Ireland to attend the camp. The following countries will also participate England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland. Leinster Street. Dublin 2

To participate in the camp, you must be aged 13 – 17. To be eligible to be a leader, you must be over 21 on the first day of the camp. To apply for an application form to be a leader or a youth, please email: Leinster Street. Dublin 2

For more information on the camp, go to

IUK camp looking for volunteer male sign language interpreter.
The Irish organisers of the IUK camp, the IDYA are looking for a male interpreter to work during the camp, alongside a female interpreter.

Although the role will be voluntary, travel expenses, accommodation and foods will be covered. If you are interested in being a voluntary ISL interpreter for the camp, please contact Maeve:
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