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30 July 2009 (VOL 7 WEEK 31)

IDS and Swine Flu
The Irish Deaf Society has released information on the Swine Flu and Influenza A (H1N1). The information is translated into Irish Sign Language by Eddie Redmond. You can watch the video on youtube:

The video gives information in sign language on the following:
  • What is Influenza?
  • How will you know if you have Influenza A (H1N1)/ Swine Flu?
  • What can you do to stop spreading the flu?
  • What should you do if you get Influenza?
  • Who are the high risk groups if they get influenza?
  • What to do if you are an adult
  • What to do if you are caring for a child
  • Caring for someone who has the flu at home
  • Practical plans for you and your household if someone should get influenza
If you are unable to see this video/ or if the video is 'jumpy' the IDS would advise that you let youtube "load" before watching it – i.e. when you see the red bar under the clip from left to right – you should be able to play the clip. If you have further questions about Influenza A H1N1/Swine Flu contact

The Irish Deaf Society is not responsible for any incorrect information or incorrect ISL on this youtube video. If you would like to see more Irish Deaf News – check out

Cuts to Hands On Funding
It has just been announced that RTÉ have decided to cut Hands On's budget by a devastating 56%. While other RTÉ programmes have received budget cuts, these have been in the region of 10% and nowhere near the cut that Hands On has been subjected to.

So what does this mean for Hands On? Last year Hands On showed 20 programmes which were on TV every Sunday from November to May, with a short break over the Christmas period. Because of these new budget restrictions, this year there will be a maximum of 7 new programmes (with 3 Best Of's).

The Broadcasting Commission of Ireland (BCI) access codes state that RTÉ should be providing 1% signed programming, and they are already falling short of this target. Instead of increasing this to 5%, as has been recommended, they have now reduced it dramatically. As the Deaf community pay the same TV licence fee as hearing people, it seems highly unfair that the only programme for the Deaf community, about the Deaf community and produced by the Deaf community be so heavily cut. This will affect Deaf people's access to information, the ability of Hands On to draw attention to issues affecting the Deaf community and employment opportunities for Deaf people.

The Deaf community should make RTÉ and the BCI aware of their dissatisfaction of being treated this way, in the hope that no further cuts will be made and that the programme won’t be phased out completely in coming years - a nightmare scenario that could become reality if we don’t act now.

Some members of the Deaf Community have set up a petition, please go to this website if you want to tell RTÉ how unhappy you are about this decision:

APE Cafe Enniskillen
For anybody interested in selling artwork in the APE Cafe the Cafe is ready to receive stock. It will be accepting work from local and Deaf artists only. There will be 50% mark up on any item, so for example if you want 100 pounds for a painting, the Cafe will sell it at 150 pounds. Of that additional 50 pounds 10 pounds will go to tree planting in Africa; 10 pounds will go to the Gambian Association of Deaf and Hard of Hearing; 10 pounds will go the CRP (paralysed and spine injured people in south Asia) and 20 pounds for administration costs. Artists are responsible for their own framing and delivery to APE, if you don't want to frame it the Cafe suggests sending in a plastic clip frame to allow the buyer frame it themselves. Sculptures also welcome. 2 or 3 pieces maximum are advised to start with. The address for delivery is APE, 36 Belmore St, Enniskillen, N. Ireland BT74 6AA. You can contact the Cafe at 0(044) 7542554493.

Irish Deaf Society's ISL Day Out for all on Sunday 23 August, to ENRG Children's adventure centre, Unit M2, Greenogue Business Park, Rathcoole, at 1pm. If you would like to book a place for your child, please contact IDS by 7 August as places are limited. For more information, text: 086 3847023 or email: To see the ENRG activity centre, click on

Vacancy at Deaf Community Centre Limerick
The Deaf Community Centre is now seeking to recruit a DEVELOPMENT OFFICER. 1 Year contract starting September 2009. If you would like any further information, drop in to DCC, arrange a video or skype call with Sandra Morrissey or drop an email to Detailed job specification available from

Please download 'Deaf Community Centre Limerick'
in pdf Download (size 32KB)

KDRC Holidays
KDRC will be closed for annual leave for the month of August. The Centre will close on Friday 31st July and reopen on Tuesday 1st September. If you require hearing aid batteries for August or require any advice or equipment, please call to the office before Friday. Thanks and looking forward to seeing you all in September.
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23 July 2009 (VOL 7 WEEK 30)

Urgent support required for Hands On
Hands On- the only TV programme for the Deaf in Ireland needs our support.

They were informed yesterday that RTÉ has decided to cut Hands On’s budget by a devastating 60%. While other RTÉ programmes have received cuts, these have been in the region of 10% and nowhere near the cut that Hands On has been subjected to.

What will this mean for Hands On?

Last year they produced 20 programmes which were screened every Sunday from November to May, with a short break over the Christmas period.

As a result of the cuts and these new budget restrictions, they will only able to produce a maximum of 7 new programmes.

The Broadcasting Commission of Ireland (BCI) access codes state that RTÉ should be providing 1% signed programming. RTÉ are already falling short of this target. Instead of increasing this to 5%, as has been recommended, they have now reduced it dramatically.

The Deaf community pay the same TV licence fee as hearing people, it seems highly unfair that the only programme for the Deaf community, about the Deaf community and produced by the Deaf community be so heavily cut.

Hands On will have no choice but to work to an extremely tight budget. 'Mind the Gap Films' have decided to continue to produce the programme and continue to provide employment and training for as many Deaf people as possible.

However, the Deaf and hearing community must make RTÉ and the BCI aware of their dissatisfaction of being treated this way.

We must urge them to fund Hands On as the same level as in the past. We must ensure there are no further cuts. This must be done to ensure the programme won’t be phased out completely in coming years.

Please send e-mails to the following urging them to support the great work of Hands On.

RTÉ Director General - Cathal Goan

RTÉ Managing Director of Television - Noel Curran

RTÉ Director of Programmes, TV - Steve Carson

Declan McLoughlin - BCI:

Interpreter Availability?
A number of colleges/ students have contacted our service to determine interpreter availability for the forthcoming academic year. The Institute of Technology in Tralee may require the services of a sign language interpreter from Sept/Oct onwards- timetable will be made available shortly. Pallaskenry Agriculture College in Co. Limerick may also require an interpreter for 5 mornings a week with the possibility of afternoon sessions also. If you are interested and have availability, please contact us ASAP and we will forward your details to the colleges.

Swine Flu
As the Government prepares for the Swine Flu vaccinations, it’s important that the Deaf Community is fully involved in this issue. In the Irish Deaf News 6th edition, they have a very short item on this important topic. The Irish Deaf Society is currently filming an information video about Swine Flu and this will be shown on

Action Deafness in Leicester informed us that there is a clip from the UK, which is in British Sign Language at

This is subtitled into English. In addition, the UK NHS has produced it in the following languages- Arabic, Bengali, Chinese: traditional, Chinese: simple, Farsi/Dari, French, Gujarati, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Somali, Spanish, Tamil, Turkish, Urdu, and Welsh. It is also available in large print, audio and an easy to read version.

In the event of vaccinations clinics being established, make sure the Health Service Executive is aware of your communication supports and that communication access is provided.

Cancer Screening
A round of Cancer Screening has just finished up in Tralee and is moving out to an area south of Tralee, Castleisland and Dingle. If you are Deaf and live in these areas, you should have received an appointment by now. If not, make sure to register your details. This can be done by going to or we can send you a registration form. If you do get an appointment, make sure to inform the service if you require an interpreter or additional support.

If you would like more information on the service, you can contact Lynn Swinburne, Screening Promotion Officer, BreastCheck, Southern Unit, Infirmary Rd, Cork.

Domicillary Care Allowance
The Dept of Social and Family Affairs (DSFA) has taken over responsibility for the Domiciliary Care Allowance payment (DCA).

From the 1st of April 2009, all new applications for Domiciliary Care Allowance have been processed by the DSFA. From the 1st of September 2009, all existing claims will be transferred from the Health Service Executive (HSE) to the DSFA.

DCA is a monthly allowance paid to the parent or guardian of children under 16 who have a disability requiring continuous care and attention. The means of parents are not considered. Only the personal means of the child are taken into account. The means of the child include inheritance, payments of compensation following a court action or otherwise, in respect of injuries or disabilities sustained by the child etc.

The allowance is not paid for children who are full time residents in a residential special school or centre. However, eligible children in part-time residential care who go home at weekends or holidays may receive a pro-rata payment, i.e. a nightly rate based on the number of nights spent at home.

More information is available from the Domiciliary Care Allowance Section, Social Welfare Services Office, Department of Social and Family Affairs, College Road, Sligo.

Children of Deaf Adults (CODA) Research
Sean Ryan Hauschildt is doing Deaf Studies at Bristol Uni and currently undertaking his dissertation with Dr Paddy Ladd as his supervisor. He is looking for CODAs/HMFDs to answer some questions that will help with his research. His Dissertation title is "An initial exploration of identity and status issues as perceived by hearing children of Deaf parents".

If you are interested, email him at and he will send you a consent form and a copy of the questions. His dissertation deadline is the 15th of September and he would need all responses returned by the 1st of September.
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16 July 2009 (VOL 7 WEEK 29)

Equality Authority - "Equality Innovation Fund"
The Equality Authority is looking for Expressions of Interest under the Equality Innovation Fund.

The Equality Authority has applied to the European Commission for funding under the PROGRESS Programme to establish a small Equality Innovation Fund. If the application is approved, the Equality Authority will use the Equality Innovation Fund to support a range of civil society organisations to undertake projects that aim to:

Expand and enhance the equality agenda, Stimulate new approaches to equality, Demonstrate the relevance of equality to the economic and social development of local communities.

Eligible organisations for Initial Expressions of Interest are: Schools, Universities, National NGOs, National Arts Organisations, and National Sports Organisations.

Forrest Books New Website
Forest is an online resource for books, DVD's, CD-ROMs & other learning material relating to Deafness and Deaf issues.

They a new and improved website! The site features the following:

New product categories - including materials and resources on other disabilities. Forum - with featured guests and authors coming soon. Enhanced user functions - easier to find what you want. Free download section - including e-book demos and posters. New products - more added every week.

For more information, go to

Irish Deaf Youth Assoc (IDYA) News
The IDYA are going Surfing!! If you are interested, keep the last week in August free - the 28/29/30th of August. They will be heading down to Lahinch in Co. Clare to learn to surf with the Bens Surf Clinic, hang out in the beautiful West of Ireland and enjoy the last few days of the summer.

If you would like to get involved, they will need a deposit of €50 before 31st of July to confirm your place. Send your deposit to Nigel in the IDS (30 Blessington St, Dublin 7). The trip will cost approximately €100. The IDYA are still negotiating a deal for the accommodation. Email: to confirm your place.

Signing On IDYA Website/Youtube
The IDYA are starting a video program for their website and YouTube and need signers. Are you interested in getting involved - they will be dealing with all sorts of topics both serious and fun. If you are interested, contact Nigel for more information.

The IDYA had their first summer BBQ last Saturday in the Deaf Club in Drumcondra (DAA) and had a great day. Over fifty people attended and enjoyed the beautiful July sun, along with burgers, pie fights, Jenga and loads of sunshine. They would like to thank everyone for coming and to watch out for more fun IDYA events coming soon.

Deaf Adult Literacy Classes
If you would like to join a Deaf Adult Literacy (DALS) class in September 09- June 10. DALS will have a range of classes on offer including:
  • English (letter writing, helping your children with homework, filling in forms, grammar, etc?)
  • Maths
  • Computers level 1/ Computers level 2/ Computers Level 3- learn the creative side of computers.
  • Irish Sign Language and English - for non-nationals/Foreign Deaf
  • Irish Sign Language (for Deaf people only)
  • Accounting
  • Driver Theory Test
  • Deaf History
  • Civil Service Exam/Aptitude Test class (for English and Maths).
If you would like to do any of the above - contact Susan Whelan, Deaf Adult Literacy Services, Irish Deaf Society, 30 Blessington Street, Dublin 7
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9 July 2009 (VOL 7 WEEK 28)

Deaf Survivors Get-Together
Noel Ball of the Irish Deaf Survivors Group attended a reception at Aras An Uachtarain by invitation from President Mary McAleese On Sunday 28th June 2009. He represented Deaf Survivors Of Institutional Abuse along with 280 hearing survivors from other institutions. It was a great day and emotional too.

Noel hopes to organise a special day for Irish Deaf victims. The event will be for Abuse Victims only. The venue and date will be confirmed. If you are interested in getting involved in this group, you can contact Noel Ball privately by email at com or text: +353763741588

Lectureship in Centre for Deaf Studies has two part time vacancies
The Centre for Deaf Studies has two part time post vacancies. These positions are linked to the roll out of their new Bachelor in Deaf Studies programme, which will be launched in September 2009.

The Centre is seeking to appoint qualified applicants for the following roles: (1) ISL and pedagogy/Deaf studies/interpreting studies/applied linguistics. (2) ISL/English interpreting AND pedagogy/Deaf studies/applied linguistics.

The candidates must hold an undergraduate qualification in ISL teaching or ISL/English interpreting, AND have the qualifications/experience to also deliver courses in pedagogy or applied linguistics or Deaf Studies. Preference will be given to candidates who hold a post-graduate qualification in a cognate field (e.g. Applied Linguistics, Intercultural Studies, Anthropology, Education, etc.). Recent graduates of postgraduate programmes with appropriate profiles are encouraged to apply.

Closing date for applications is the 30th of July. Applications can be sent to: Recruitment Executive, Staff Office, Trinity College, Dublin 2. For further information or a confidential discussion please contact Dr. Lorraine Leeson by email at

Please download 'Lectureship in Deaf Studies (2 x half time posts)'
in Word doc Download (size 44KB)

Community Foundation of Irl Small Grant Scheme
The closing date for the next round of the Small Grant Scheme is Thursday July 30th. The Community Foundation makes grants to not-for-profit and voluntary groups working in communities throughout the Republic of Ireland. The Community Foundation will favour projects leading to the social inclusion of people and communities who are excluded by reason of geography, race, age, disability, family circumstances, poverty, gender or race. The Small Grants Scheme has six priority areas: Carers/ Older People/ Families at Risk/ Sexual Minorities/ Ethnic Minorities/ Mental Health and Integration

Grants range from €500 to €5000. Please note ongoing/ core work or capital projects are ineligible. For the Grant-making Policy and Guidelines and to make an application, see

Deaffest Film Festival 2009 UK
Are you a Deaf filmmaker/ Media artists and interested in producing a film competitively or non-competitively? If so, the upcoming Deaffest 2009 is looking for entries. The proposed deadline for film competition is Wednesday 1st July. The deadline for film non-competition is Friday 31st July (the closing dates may be extended). Submission forms can be downloaded from;

The categories are as follows:

Best Deaf Drama/ Best Deaf TV Programme/ Best Experimental/ Best Factual/ Best Animation

Deaffest 2009 will take place at Light House Media Centre in Wolverhampton from Fri 27 - Sun 29 Nov. Deaffest is the UK’s only Deaf-led Film and Television Festival which celebrates the talents of Deaf filmmakers and media artists. The films submitted to Young Deaffest will be shown during the festival on the Fri 27 Nov and the Young Deaffest Awards ceremony will be held on Sat 28 Nov.

Tralee Women’s Resource Centre (TWRC) Fundraiser
The TWRC will hold a fundraising BBQ in Reubens Cafe in Ashe St on the 17th of July. The funds will go towards their Emergency Fund. The event will start at 6.30pm and will cost €20 each. If you are interested in attending, tickets can be purchased at their office in Ashe St or in Reubens Cafe in Tralee.
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2 July 2009 (VOL 7 WEEK 27)

Reception By President of Ireland
President McAleese hosted a reception at Áras an Uachtaráin Sunday afternoon to recognise the suffering and bravery of those who have experienced abuse, as children, in state institutions. The President was very keen to have the Deaf Community represented on the day. Deaf survivors were invited and present in Áras an Uachtaráin.

In her speech, the President said "The people of Ireland are desperately sorry for the many ways in which you were not cherished, in the abuse itself, in the silence, in the failure to act, in the failure to listen, hear and believe in time. In their name I offer every one here and all those whose little lives were robbed of the joys of childhood our heartfelt sorrow"

William White from our service attended the event and also acted as interpreter. Approximately 280 guests attended the reception, representing groups such as The Deaf Survivors Group set up by Noel Ball, The Irish Deaf Society, Aislinn, Alliance Victim Support Group, Irish SOCA, Irish Women Survivors Support Group, Justice and Healing for Institutional Abuse, Right of Peace Group, Right of Place and SOCA UK. Áras an Uachtaráin

The event featured performances by The Chieftans, Mary Black, Phil Coulter, Riverdance and the Southern Brigade Band.

Please download 'Remarks by President McAleese at a reception for Survivors of Institutional Abuse, Áras an Uachtaráin, 28th June 2009'
in Word doc Download (size 32KB)

Remarks by President McAleese at a reception for Survivors of Institutional Abuse, Áras an Uachtaráin 28th June 2009
Dia dhíbh go léir, agus céad míle fáilte romhaibh chuig Áras an Uachtaráin.

Good afternoon everyone, and on behalf of Martin and myself, let me offer each one of you a warm, heartfelt welcome to Áras an Uachtaráin.

There are moments in a life when words simply fail as a means of expression. No amount of them, no matter how heartfelt, can seem adequate to the moment. The publication of the Ryan Report was one such moment in the life of this nation. The horrible lives endured by thousands of our children, over so many years, as a result of abuse inflicted by those who cared for them in the name of the State and often in the name of the Christian gospel, were laid out graphically in that Report. It calls for responses at many levels official and unofficial and I know that many of you are actively involved in discussions on those responses. There is an important human response to overwhelming grief and that is to gather as community, to rally around one another and simply be together in solidarity.

The invitation to Áras an Uachtaráin today is an expression of the massive public wish to let you know how deeply your stories have struck a chord. For so long your suffering seemed to make strangers of you in your own land. Today, we simply seek to be family to each other, to assert our common care for one another and to acknowledge that what was done to those of you who are survivors of abuse in institutional care, not only damaged your precious lives but diminished our society. Those who switched off the light of love and hope in your lives, plunged our country into a terrible darkness. I know that one day in the Phoenix Park cannot hope to restore to your lives all the things that were taken from you. There is no magic potion to put right the things that were made so deliberately to go wrong. Nor is it possible in one event to reach out to everyone affected. I hope this day, though, does send a message that your lives and the lives of all those damaged by such abuse are our care and that most important of all we stand together in our determination to ensure that our country will honour the ambition set out in the Proclamation in 1916 to be a Republic which cherishes its children equally. Your experiences are monuments to our failure to cherish our children. Our most precious monument to you has to be our determination to be that Republic where children are cherished equally not just in lofty words but in everyday deeds.

The people of Ireland are desperately sorry for the many ways in which you were not cherished, in the abuse itself, in the silence, in the failure to act, in the failure to listen, hear and believe in time. In their name I offer every one here and all those whose little lives were robbed of the joys of childhood our heartfelt sorrow.

I want to read you a short extract from a book called Crime and Punishment edited by Sean McBride and published following an unofficial report into the Irish Penal System in 1982. "Our low minimum age of criminal responsibility, seven, the lowest incidentally in Europe, ensures that the trivial activities of little children come under the censorious scrutiny of the criminal justice system…. precipitated by truancy from school or home or family break-down….

There was an incredible pathos about the submission which began, "When I was seven I was sent to Clonmel……. I was in it for nine years.""

I wrote that particular section of the report and as a member of the Commission had sat through the hearings at which many people spoke of leaving those institutions with little education or skill, often graduating straight into the adult penal system. It was less than thirty years ago but even then there was a silence and a fear, a huge taboo that stopped those men and women from telling the worst, the deepest secrets of their stories, even to a sympathetic audience. Today thanks to the courage of the children who were abused and grew into an adulthood from which they took a stand against abuse, the veils of silence, authority, deference, pretence, power, powerlessness, and impunity are pulled aside and we see what so many tried to ensure we would never see. It has all been at such a dreadful cost to the abused, their childhoods lost, their families scattered, their adult lives and relationships so often deeply affected by their early suffering. From that suffering however you have created a force that will in time bring much good to Ireland's children for you challenge our society to hold to account all those who engrave on their innocent and dependant little lives. What's learnt in childhood is engraved on stone. You met bad engravers, the children of today and tomorrow rely on us to engrave well.

I hope you know how anxious so many people are to share your journey today. You have seen the turnout of Ireland's best entertainers, each of whom immediately volunteered their services when they knew this day was for you, and through you, for all those whom you represent. I wish we could have had those many thousands here but I thank the survivor organisations who nominated their guests for today for their help in making this day possible.

So, for all the birthday parties that that seven year old did not get in Clonmel, let us enjoy this day of solidarity and community. There is an old Irish phrase giorrian beirt bothar - two shoRTÉn the road. As you leave here this afternoon, I hope you will feel that the road ahead, while still daunting, has been shoRTÉned for each of you in a special way and that where once you were on your own, you now have company that cares.

Go raibh míle maith agaibh go léir.

IDS Car Boot Sale Fundraiser
The Irish Deaf Society (IDS) will hold a Car Boot Sale on Saturday the 25th July. The event will take place in the Deaf Club 40, Lower Drumcondra Rd. Entrance will be at the back of the building. It will be held from 10.30- 4pm.

The IDS will have their own stall on the day and would be grateful for any donations clothes/books/toys etc. Donation may be left in the Deaf Club or at the IDS premises 30, Blessington St, Dublin 7.

However, if you wish to sell goods yourself the fees are as follows: Entrance fee for car €15 / Jeep: €25/ Van: €35

For further information please contact Janette Mobile: 086-3807033. For Safety reasons cars arriving later than 9.30 will not be permitted.

Irish Deaf News (Edition 2 & 3)
On the 2nd edition of Irish Deaf News on Youtube, Eddie Redmond talks about the Aer France disaster, the new principal of St. Joseph's School for the Deaf, the European Deaf Basketball Championships in Poland, the girls who claims she fell asleep while getting her face tattooed and lastly congrats to an Irish Deaf person who won money in the lotto recently.

On edition 3, Eddie briefs us on the latest news in Iran, the sad news about Michael Jackson; an update on the ladies basketball team who were in Poland and a liar gets caught out - ouch!

New Cafe Opening up in Enniskillen
We'd like to send our best wishes to Sean Gilligan who works as a sign language interpreter in Ireland. Sean has recently acquired a lease on a catering premise in Enniskillen and hopes to open up a 100% vegetarian cafe/restaurant "APE" within the next few weeks. His team hopes to have the menu in English, Braille, and in sign languages (ISL/BSL/ASL/GSL-Gambia?).

Sean plans to display paintings/sculptures/batiks etc from local and Deaf artists to sell so if anyone would like to display, you can send photos of some of your works and your asking price. In addition, there will be a private upstairs lounge, which local Deaf teachers / Deaf groups could hire for sign language classes/events.

Two official openings will be held, one for general public and one for the Deaf community / sign language users. If you would like to attend, contact Sean at 083 334 7951 / 0044 753 521 6101.
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