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Kerryman local news  

26 July 2007 (VOL 5 WEEK 30)

No news this week due to attendance at World Federation of the Deaf Congress in Madrid.

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19 July 2007 (VOL 5 WEEK 29)

Welcome Hello and welcome to our weekly news section.

Fundraising A bag-packing fundraiser was organised by the Munster Deaf Tutor's Network at Supervalu, Tralee last Friday and Saturday. We would like to thank Supervalu for allowing this to take place. We appreciate all the help we received on the day from the volunteers, staff and customers. Thank you for your kind donations and support.

Sign Language Courses Best of luck to all students who have completed their sign language courses and are awaiting the results of exams. These course have been taking place since last September in various schools and organisations in Kerry. The students showed great enthusiasm for learning Irish Sign Language. We hope you all enjoyed the courses and look forward to organising new course in September.

World Federation for the Deaf Congress A group of 22 representatives from the Deaf Action Group as well as interpreters have gone to Madrid for the WFD congress. We would like to send them our best wishes. We hope you all have a successful and eventful trip.

Courses for Deaf Adults The Irish Deaf Society have set up day and evening courses for Deaf adults. Courses available are:
  • English: these courses include learning to communicating by letter, help children with homework, fill out forms.
  • Deaf History: this course includes information on Irish and International history, Deaf schools, Irish Deaf Society.
  • Computer Courses: how to use a computer, internet, e-mail.
  • Aptitude Test: Apply for promotion in work, improve maths, practice before doing real test.
  • Driving Theory Test: Learn the rules of the road and prepare for Driving Theory Test.
For further information on all these courses contact Brian Crean or Susan Whelan at IDS, 30 Blessington Street, Dublin 7 by email

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12 July 2007 (VOL 5 WEEK 28)

Welcome Hello and welcome to another edition of our weekly news from the Deaf world.

World Federation for the Deaf Congress It's only days away before the WFD congress in Madrid and we would like to send the organisers our best wishes for a successful congress. A delegation of 22 representing Deaf Action Group fly out this week along with a team of interpreters from our service. We would like to wish the delegates a safe trip and hope they enjoy the conference. We would like to thank all those who offered support and funding in the run up to the event.

New Part-Time Staff Member We would like to welcome Denise O'Sullivan to our team. Denise is Deaf and will work in our office in Tralee. Our thanks to FAS and Partnership Tra Li for enabling us to take on Denise- we look forward to working with her over the coming year.

Annual Mass at Rath Cemetery Veronica White (NCDP) will be interpreting at this annual event on the 11th of July at 7.30pm. Our thanks to the organisers for ensuring Deaf people have access again at this mass.

European Mental Health and Deafness Congress The 7th European Congress for Mental Health and Deafness "Joining Forces" will be held from the 11th ­ 14th September 2007. It will be held in Haarlem, in the Netherlands. If you would like more information, to the following website

Signing Information Mid West A full day seminar to outline the learning from and the future of the Signing Information Mid West project will be held on the 18th September in the Greenhills Hotel, Limerick.

The aim of the Signing Information Mid West project is to raise the awareness, availability and use of ISL in the Mid West through the provision of a high quality, accessible Irish Sign Language (ISL) interpreting service. The Signing Information Mid West project seeks to support access for members of the deaf community to services and community activities. Signing Information Mid West, an Enhancing Disability Services project, is directed and supported by a steering committee incorporating the Disability Federation of Ireland, Limerick Citizens Information Centre, Mid West Deaf Association, Mid West School for Hearing Impaired Children, National Association of Deaf People and the PAUL Partnership.

If you have any queries in relation the project or the seminar, Tel: 061 419388, Mob: 087 6610837 or email

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5 July 2007 (VOL 5 WEEK 27)

Welcome Hello and welcome to our weekly news section.

Welcome to new staff member We'd like to welcome Noreen Cronin to our Sliabh Luachra Outreach service. Noreen originally came to our service on work experience and we are delighted to have her on board as a staff member. She will work alongside our existing Outreach worker Therese Gallant. They will work with elderly clients who have a hearing loss. We would like to express our thanks to Bridget Walsh and FAS for enabling us to take on Noreen, this will be of great benefit to our clients in this area.

Spanish Sign Language Official Recognition The Commission on Work and Social Affairs of the Spanish Congress approved a bill on June 19th that explicitly supports all Spain's sign languages. The law represents a historic landmark in the recognition of sign languages.

Under the bill, the Spanish Ministry of Work and Social Affairs is responsible for ascertaining the number of people who use each sign language, the conditions in which they live and their geographical location, in order to establish leading centres in the study of sign languages.

The law will be entitled the Law on Spanish Sign Languages in recognition of the existence of more than one sign language in Spain. Currently, Spain has two sign languages, Catalan and Spanish sign languages. The law will be completely adaptable and could recognise other sign languages used in Spain in the future.

Census figures on disability 2006 Almost one in ten of the State's population has a long-term health problem or disability, according to figures released today. Census figures for 2006 published by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) reveal that almost 394,000 people in the April 2006 survey said they had such a health problem or disability.

The incidence of disability in 2006 was higher among females than males (9.6 per cent compared with 9 per cent). According to the CSO, this is linked directly to lower mortality among women, especially among those age 75 and over, and the "strong link between disability and age".

The number of people with a disability increased in every five-year age group from 15-19 up to 80-84 for both males and females. Nearly two thirds of those with a disability were aged 50 or over.

The census also revealed that among children aged up to 14, the number of boys with a disability was far higher than the number of girls, at 21,183 compared with 12,073.

About 78,000 workers, or 4 per cent of the number of people at work, had a long-lasting health problem or disability in 2006. This increased from 45,000 workers or 2.7 per cent of the population in the 2002 census, due to the inclusion of new categories in the disability question, the CSO said.

In relation to the number of carers in the State, almost 161,000 people aged 15 years and over provided regular unpaid personal help for a friend or family member with a long-term illness, health problem or disability. The number in 2002 was 149,000. Women accounted for over 100,000 (or 62 per cent) of the 2006 total, and over half of them were in their forties or fifties. More women than men were carers in all age groups apart from the very old.
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