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5 October 2006 (VOL 4 WEEK 40)

Welcome to our weekly news section..

Deaf Awareness Training: The Health Service Executive - HSE (formerly known as the Health Board) will be providing Deaf Awareness training to staff in Kerry and Cork over the next number of months. The training will be funded by the HSE. An inter-agency committee has been established and will look at the delivery of the training. Our own service and our EEI project will be involved in this programme. Are there particular areas/ services of the HSE that you would like to see training provided to? For example: Local Hospitals/ Community Welfare Offics, Public Health Nurse/ Social Work Dept's. Let us know your views email: and will inform the training committee.

Tips for working with an Interpreter: We have developed a leaftet for services/ clients who employ the services of sign language interpreters. This leaflet will also be available on our website. Go to and click on SUPPORTS, then click on BOOKING AN INTERPRETER and you will see a links for "Tips for working with an Interpreter".

Adult Learning Support: We have uploaded a number of documents to our website in relation to our Education Equality Initiative project. We are very keen to ensure that we circulate information on our services / training as widely as possible. Again if you go to our website, click on SUPPORTS, then click on ADULT LEARNING SUPPORTS and you will see a list of documents, these can be downloaded and printed off.

EEI Evaluation Report: Our EEI project has secured funding to print off the project's Evaluation Report. We are thrilled with this funding and look forward to circulating the report as soon as we get it from the printers.

EEI Conference / Awards: Many of you will know, we will have our a number of events in October. If you would like information or would like to attend, you can now download information on our website.

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12 October 2006 (VOL 4 WEEK 41)

Hello and welcome to our weekly notes.

CACDP Level 1 Exams: We would like to extend our congratulations to the 1st round of students who passed their CACDP Level 1 exams recently. All the students that sat these exams passed with flying colours. The 2nd round of results will be released shortly. Fingers crossed all those students will do well too !! Our thanks to the CACDP assessors for travelling to Kerry to administer the exams.

CACDP Level 2 Classes: To all the students who have completed their Level 1 exams- we hope to set up Level 2 classes shortly. As soon as the last round of results are released, we will set up further classes. If you have changed address or have new contact details, please inform us of the changes.

Night Classes: All night classes in Sign Language are all up and running in Kerry Education Service. If you were unable to register for these classes and would like to go on a waiting list, please contact us by email: with your details.

Partership Trá Lí Supervisor: We would like to pass on our best wishes to Katie Allen who was a CE Supervisor in Partership Trá Lí for a number of years. Katie has recently accepted a new position with the Local Employment Service in Tralee. We would like to wish her all the best with her new job. Katie supervised CE participants in our service. Our thanks to Katie for her hard work and commitment to these participants and to our service.

Mid West Deaf School: We would also like to extend our congratulations to the Mid West School in Limerick who won a Digital School Award recently. The award is a new initiative that aims to recognise excellence in a school's approach to the intergration of Information Communication Technology (ICT). The school says, ICT is an area where deaf students are not at a disadvantage and this is of vital importance to the school. All classes use interactive whitboards as a learning and teaching tool to enhance their communication abilities.

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19 October 2006 (VOL 4 WEEK 42)

Hello Everyone. This week the Kerry Deaf Resource Centre with the Kerry Education Service and the Kerry Deaf Adult Learning Programme are counting down the days to the first Kerry Deaf Adult Learning Programme Conference "Signing Our Way To Educational Success" which will take place Saturday 21st October.

The conference takes place at the Solas Building at the Institute of Technology Tralee. The formal conference is from 9am to 1pm. Awards for the Deaf Adult Tutors in Training will take place from 2.30pm to 4.00pm.

This conference is taking place as a result of the 2.5 year programme which was undertaken jointly by the Kerry Deaf Resource Centre and the Kerry Education Service to train 18 Deaf Adults from Kerry, Cork and Limerick.

One of the successes of the project has been starting with 18 students and finishing the programme with 18 students. The conference will also see the launch of the project's evaluation report, the first of its kind to look at Deaf Adult learning within an educational and training setting.

The conference will also launch a Best Practice document which can be used by Education and Training Service Providers when dealing with Deaf Irish Sign Language users.

Our presenters include Markku Jokinen President of the World Federation of the Deaf which represents the interests of 70 million Deaf people worldwide. We would like to thank Markku for taking time out of his busy schedule to be our keynote presenter.

Two of our EEI Deaf Adult Tutors in Training will also be presenting their experiences of being part of the 2.5 year programme.

Our other presenters will include Helen Keogh representing the Department of Education and Science, Dr Barney O'Reilly, CEO of the Kerry Education Service; William White, Manager of the Kerry Deaf Resource Centre; Valerie Moore, Access Officer with the Institute of Technology Tralee.

If you are unable to attend the conference, all papers will be available on our website on completion of the conference on

Once the formal conference and awards ceremony have taken place on Saturday, the newly formed Munster Deaf Tutor Network have organised a Dinner and Dance at the Meadowlands Hotel on the same day starting at 7.30pm. If you are interested in attending the dinner and dance contact Bernadette O'Connor or Bernadette White via the Kerry Deaf Resource Centre. Tickets are nearly sold out.

Our very sincere thanks to everyone who has contributed to the organising of this conference particularly Catherine White the Project Co-ordinator of the Project.

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26 October 2006 (VOL 4 WEEK 43)

This week we focus our weekly notes on thanking the numerous amount of people involved in ensuring our Signing Our Way to Eduational Success Conference which was held last Saturday was a resounding success. This Conference was the first of its kind for Kerry. It truly was a unique and unforgettable Conference. This Conference definitely is a landmark in Deaf History.

Our Conference and Awards Ceremony was entirely focussed on the 18 Deaf Adult Tutors in Training and yet they spent much of their time in assisting with organising the Conference. All of them can feel very happy with the work they did in helping to make the Conference a very memorable event. First of all, we thank our overseas visitors Markku Jokinen, President of the World Federation of the Deaf (he came to Tralee representing 70 million Deaf people worldwide); Adrien Pelletier, Vice President of the European Union of the Deaf; Liz Scott-Gibson our International Sign Interpreter who came from Scotland; Jill Robinson our BSL Interpreter; Bob Peckford and Ian Robinson from CACDP in the UK.

Then we had our national and local presenters including Helen Keogh Chair of the EEI Working Group representing the Department of Education and Science; Michael Carmody Director of ITT; William White Manager KDRC; Valerie Moore Access Officer ITT; Jim Enright from KES.

Our MC for the morning Terry O'Brien had the audience entertained with his humour; our MC for the afternoon Simon Coveney TD MEP was also an outstanding success with the audience and very much entertained and gave much food for thought in his presentation. Michelle Anne Houlihan very ably filled in when it was needed, much thanks Michelle.

The conference would not have been as successful without the support of the many people behind the scenes and at the front of the lecture hall. They included Veronica White, Darren Byrne and Ali Stewart the ISL Interpreters; Suzanne Carey and her team Aileen and Ray for the enormous amount of running around they had to do.

We also had Karl filming the proceedings and Pio our computer technician. Prior to the Conference the devil in the detail in putting together the Conference was ably handled by Dick Carmody from ITT. Our very sincere thanks to Dick.

Some of the audience members who came supporting the project included the Director for the Centre for Deaf Studies, Trinity College Dublin; the Director and 11 members of Hands That Talk that came all the way from Northern Ireland; Manager and Committee member of the Irish Deaf Society; ISL Academy Committee members.

Our thanks to the Exhibitors for also making the conference a success too - Unique Voice Translation Agency; Centre for Deaf Studies Trinity College Dublin; Kerry Education Service; Institute of Technology Tralee; Partnership Tralee; Rachel and Henry Pollard with their new book on Claremont Institute.

Some of the comments made about the Conference were "what was fitted into one morning session was excellent, pulling together an international, national and local perspective on one issue Deaf Adult Education was handled superbly"

Another comment was "I had no idea how significant this Conference would be in relation to Deaf Adult Education. Deaf Education is now changing as a result of this Conference".

In relation to communication, hearing people present were "very impressed watching Irish Sign Language, British Sign Language and International Sign in practice was believing".

In relation to one of the Deaf presenters, one member stated it was "mindblowing to watch a Deaf presenters reading his notes in French, the powerpoint presentation in English and presenting in International Sign who said Deaf people are not educated".

One of the most significant outcomes of the Conference was receiving confirmation from the CACDP that the Deaf qualifications will now be placed on the National Qualifications Authority of Ireland. This is a phenomenal success for the project and for CACDP for the amount of work they have undertaken to make this possible. This is a huge success for the project. So thanks again to the CACDP for creating history in the development of accredited Deaf qualifications being available for Ireland.

The project also launched its first of its kind evaluation report. This was very ably launched by Terry O'Brien at the Conference. Our very first of its kind Best Practice brochure on future Deaf Adult Education in Ireland was very ably launched by Simon Coveney TD MEP.

Last but not least, the 18 Deaf Adult Tutors in Training. It has been a rollercoaster of emotion doing a project that was never done before in Ireland. As you said yourself in the Conference, all of you started together, all of you finish together and now will continue to stay together with the development of the Munster Deaf Tutor Network, an unexpected outcome from the project.

The students would like to thank Teresa Lynch, Dee Byrne-Dunne, John McGrath, Ian Robinson (their tutors during the project) for coming along on the day to celebrate in their achievements.

Presentation papers at the Conference will be available shortly on our website In the next few months a video recording of the conference will also be made available. Watch this space for further information. The external evaluation report and Best Practice brochure will be made available in PDF Format shortly too.

Our final thanks go to Catherine White, Project Co-ordinator of the project for pulling together the Conference so successfully and indeed the project itself.

If you want further information about the Conference or the project, you can contact Catherine White by email: Next week, we will continue with our regular local Deaf community news and events.
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