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14.12.16 Supporter of The Year Awards. We would like to thank everyone who sent us their nominations for Supporter of the Year Awards. Every year we like to honour those who have made a positive contribution to the Deaf community. For more information »

14.11.16 Report from the Dáil debate on Irish Sign Language Recognition. Last week, Dáil Éireann debated a motion on the ISL Recognition Report by the Joint Oireachtas committee. To see this information in Irish Sign Language (ISL), go to and Full transcript can be seen at this link: For more information »

14.11.16 Deaf Community Centre Limerick (DCC) 10 Year Anniversary on 28th January 2017 The celebrations will take place in The Strand Hotel in Limerick at 6pm. Tickets are €50. Everyone is welcome. For more information »

7.11.16 Irish Sign Language (ISL) Official Recognition There will be a debate on the Justice and Equality Committee Report on the Formal Recognition of Irish Sign Language in Dáil Éireann this Thursday the 10th of November at 6.48pm for 2 hours. For more information »

24.10.16 Historic Week For Irish Sign Language (ISL) This week was a very historic week for the Deaf Community in Ireland. The 'Recognition of Irish Sign Language for the Deaf Community Bill 2016' was debated in the Seanad (Senate). We are delighted to say the Bill was passed with no objections from the Government. For more information »

17.10.16 Equipment applications now on order. We are expecting the equipment to be delivered before the end of the month. We will be in touch with all those who have applied once the equipment arrives. For more information »

10.10.16 Irish Sign Language (ISL) Bill - Debate by Senate. Recognition of ISL Bill will be debated in the Seanad on the 19th of October 2016. The Irish Deaf Society (IDS) are concerned that the Government do not plan to support this Bill. The IDS are calling on the Deaf and hearing community to contact their Senators, TDs and County Councillors to inform them of your views on the ISL Bill and urge them to support the Bill. For more information »

26.09.16 Update On Equipment Grant. The funding allocated for this year is approx. €7,000 per organisations. We are in the process of reviewing applications and hope to order equipment within the week. For more information »

19.09.16 International Week of the Deaf. Deaf Awareness Event in Tralee at Tralee Library. Thursday 22nd of September 2016. 7 - 8pm. Learn a little about the Deaf Community and Irish Sign Language. All are welcome For more information »

05.09.16 Re-Opened After Annual Leave. If you would like to meet with any of our staff members, please feel free to contact us for an appointment. Our opening hours to the public are Monday-Thursday 10am-1pm & 2- 5pm and on Friday from 10am-1pm. For more information »

25.07.16 Our office closes for annual leave on 29 July at 1pm. We will re-open again on the 1st of September. Our Manager will also be in Ethiopia from the 8th to 28th of August as part of his work with the Deaf communities in Ambo, Bahir Dar and Addis Ababa. Freelance sign language interpreters will still be available here via a number of sign language interpreting services. We look forward to working with you all again in September. For more information »

11.07.16 Decision to cancel future street collections in Killarney. While we are grateful for the support with Street Collections in Killarney over the years, we have decided that this will be our last Street Collection in Killarney for the foreseeable future. For more information »

04.07.16 Reminder of Annual Leave. Just to remind everyone that our Centre closes for the month of August for annual leave. We will close on Friday, the 29th of July at 1pm and re-open Thursday, the 1st of September at 10am. For more information »

27.06.16 Killarney Street Collection. KDRC is looking for volunteers to support us with our upcoming street collection on Friday, the 8th of July in Killarney town. If you are in the position to volunteer and would like to help, please contact Noreen Cronin or Therese Gallant in our office, by text to 087 633 4687. For more information »

27.06.16 RTE Looking For Irish Sign Language Presenters. A daily bulletin News for the Deaf and wishes to create a panel of Irish Sign Language Presenters to provide this service. The selection will be by audition, likely to be held in July/August. For more information »

13.06.16 Summerfest. The IDS would like to invite everyone to their SummerFest events that will take place on Sunday, the 17th of July. It will be held in Deaf Village Ireland (DVI), Ratoath Road, Cabra, Dublin 7 from 12 - 6pm. For more information »

06.06.16 Bank Holiday. Our office will close on Monday the 6th of june for Bank Holidays. We will open again on the 7rd of June at 10am. For more information »

30.05.16 WFD Expert Groups. We would like to extend our best wishes to Nora Duggan and John Bosco Conama who have been selected by the World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) to join Expert Groups. For more information »

23.05.16 Ethiopia Deaf Project. In this week's update, we will give you details of some fundraising events that are being organised for the Ethiopia Deaf Project and an update from the EDP on where last year's fundraising money was spent. For more information »

16.05.16 Masters research on Emoji use between Deaf and Hearing. Aedín Collins is currently studying for a Master of Arts in Technical Communication and E-Learning at the University of Limerick. Part of her course requires Aedín to complete a research project which involves surveys and interviews. For more information »

9.05.16 Theft from car of 3 Deaf individuals and Sign Language Interpreter. Last week, in Banna Beach, thieves got into a Deaf individual's car in Banna Beach in Co. Kerry. Cormac Leonard who is a sign language interpreter, and Connor Nourse, who is Catherine's son, have setup a GoFundMe page to help those whose items have been stolen. To donate here. For more information »

25.04.16 Mother Father Deaf Day. The last Sunday in April is designated Mother Father Deaf Day to acknowledge and celebrate their Deaf parents. For more information »

18.04.16 President Higgins visit to Kerry for 1916 event. An Irish Sign Language (ISL) interpreter will be available at two events on hursday 21st April. For more information »

11.04.16 Census 2016 - Irish Sign Language (ISL). The 2016 Census will take place on Sunday 24 April. If you know Irish Sign Language (ISL), please remember to mention this in the Census form at Question 15. For more information »

4.04.16 Hearing aid batteries work better if exposed to air. Hearing aid batteries can last up to 85 percent longer when left exposed to oxygen (air) before being inserted into the hearing aid itself. For more information »

21.03.16 Volunteers For Listowel Church Collection. Our service is looking for volunteers to support us with a Church collection on the 16th of April in Listowel. For more information »

7.03.16  World Hearing Day 2016. The day aimed to raise awareness about public health strategies to reduce the prevalence and impact of hearing loss. For more information »

29.02.16 Ethiopia in August. Our KDRC Manager Willie White will be travelling to Ethiopia on a volunteer basis for 3 weeks in August 2016. The aim of the trip is to provide workshops and training to Deaf adults and children who communicate through Ethiopian Sign Language. These workshops will also be open to their hearing relatives, friends and supporters. For more information »

22.02.16 Church collections volunteers on the 5th and 6th of March. Our service is looking for volunteers to support us with a number of Church collections on the 5th and 6th of March. The income generated from these collections contributes to overhead costs of running our Centre in Tralee and towards our outreach service for elderly clients with mobility and travel difficulties. For more information »

15.02.16 Irish Deaf Society 2016 General Election Manifesto. There is clear and unambiguous evidence that Deaf Irish Sign Language users do not enjoy substantive equality with hearing people within Irish society. Deaf ISL users are more likely to be unemployed, to experience frustration in accessing vital services, to be denied full access to healthcare services and to drop out of college and training courses. For more information »

8.02.16 Collection in Manor West Shopping Centre Tralee. On Friday, the 12th of February, we will have a fundraising collection in Manor West Shopping Centre in Tralee. If you are willing to volunteer for this day, please contact our Centre. We have a number of timeslots available and would really appreciate your support. Income raised from this day will go directly towards running costs of the Centre. For more information »

1.02.16 How an interpreter can be booked in other counties in Ireland? For the first appointment, the Medical Practice sends a letter/email to the HSE General Manager, giving the details of the Deaf client (Name, Address, Medical/GP Card no) and request for an interpreter. The HSE approves the funding of the interpreter. The Medical Practice books the interpreter directly or through an interpreting agency. The HSE are the billing address for the interpreter/agency. For more information »

25.01.16 Irish Sign Language (ISL) Recognition Campaign To get Irish Sign Language (ISL) officially recognised as a language by the Irish Government. This campaign has been ongoing for a number of years and has been supported nationally by the Irish Deaf Society. For more information »

18.01.16 New Donation Page. We are delighted to announce that we now have a new online donation page at We hope this page will enable us to meet the shortfall in funding & enable us to continue meeting the running costs of our Drop In Centre in Tralee and our outreach service throughout Kerry. For more information »

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Our Mission:

To ensure Deaf adults, children, and their families have full access to services and information which are available in the Kerry region so they are able to be self determining, independent and able to participate at all levels in the Kerry Community.

Our Vision:

To be the leading Resource Centre providing support and services for Deaf adults, children, and their families and other related organisations in Kerry.

Our Values:

  • Deaf people CAN !!!!!!!
  • Deaf people and Deaf culture should be treated with dignity and respect
  • Deaf people have the right and responsibility to be involved in the planning, delivery and monitoring of all services intended for their use
  • Irish sign language is the natural language of Deaf people and together with Deaf culture is recognised and accepted by the Centre
  • Other modes of communication modes used by Deaf people are also recognised and accepted.

Kerry Deaf Resource Centre Profile:

» To promote human and citizenship rights for Deaf people in Kerry and Ireland

» To foster the legal and official recognition of Irish Sign Language and to establish the rights to use Irish Sign Language (hereinafter referred to as "I.S.L.") as a primary means of communication in all aspects of life

» To develop, manage and promote any activity in furtherance to the objects of the Kerry Deaf Resource Centre Company Limited

» To keep in touch with new developments, new methods and approaches in the Deaf Community and to disseminate information on I.S.L, Deaf Culture and the Deaf Community to its' members and wider Society

» To promote the research of any aids and equipment - designed specifically or otherwise to benefit the Deaf and distribution of aids approved by the Kerry Deaf Resource Centre Company Limited for use by the Deaf To provide opportunity for constructive discussion of societal and ethical issues of Deaf people, I.S.L. and Deaf Culture

» To advise and assist, at the discretion of the Kerry Deaf Resource Centre Company Limited, other bodies or individuals in Deaf related matters

» To affiliate, at the discretion of the Kerry Deaf Resource Centre Company Limited to any body, local, national and international, for the purpose of furthering objects of the Kerry Deaf Resource Centre

» To promote public awareness of I.S.L, Deaf Culture and the Deaf Community

» To lobby and negotiate, where appropriate, with government departments or other agencies or bodies on behalf of its members, affiliated groups or other parties

» To negotiate, where appropriate, with national bodies for funding and/or support for the Kerry Deaf Resource Centre Company Limited or its projects, either independently or in partnership with other organisations

» To foster the cultural and educational advancement of Deaf people; To inform individual Deaf people of grants available to them

» To publicise generally the aims and objectives of the Kerry Deaf Resource Centre Company Limited through comprehensive media briefing with a view to raising public awareness of all aspects of Deaf-related matters

» To provide expert advice, consultancy services, classes of instruction, tuition, lectures, meetings, discussion groups, exhibitions, printed matter and literature in relation to or furtherance of the objects of the Kerry Deaf Resource Centre Company Limited

» To employ interpreters, consultants or other persons to the Kerry Deaf Resource Centre Company Limited or its members

» To ensure Deaf adults, children, and their families have full access to services and information which are available in the Kerry region so they are able to be self determining, independent and able to participate at all levels in the Kerry Community.

» Kerry Deaf Resource Centre Co. Ltd.

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Social calendar and gallery sections is stalled at the moment, hopefully something will be up and running shortly.

Overuse of mailing lists

There was a time when it was difficult to access information. However with the introduction of e-mail, e-groups etc information is more readily available.

The only problem is, alot of organisations like Kerry Deaf Resource Centre & individuals are receiving information from numerous sources about the same events.

Kerry Deaf Resource Centre receives information in duplicate, triplicate and sometime more often but doesn't mind as the delete button on our computer is easy to find.

However, we do not want to be guilty ourselves of over-informing people. The problem is??, its difficult to know who is or who is not receiving information, what type of information they are getting, and lastly if they are getting the same information from different sources.

If you are receiving information from Kerry Deaf Resource Centre and are already getting it from other sources, please email us as we'd like to remove your name from our lists. That way, Kerry Deaf Resource Centre is contributing to information being available to those who want it, and to those who wish to have it, but not to those who are getting information elsewhere or who do not want to have it.

» Kerry Deaf Resource Centre Co. Ltd.

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