Equipments: Infraport 810s

23. Infraport 810s

Infraport 810sThe Infraport can also come with a neckloop. This is useful for people with a "T" switch facility on their hearing aid. The transmitter sends the sound directly into your hearing aid via the neckloop. You can also adjust the volume control without affecting any other people in the room. It allows the user freedom of movement whilst watching the TV, as it has no inconvenient trailing cables. To recharge the battery, simply place in the transmitter. Enquire »

Product Requirements:

  • Range of up to 12m
  • No cables between user and the sound source
  • Rechargeable battery for neck loop receiver
  • Large and easy to use volume adjustment
  • Automatic on/off function
  • Requires: Mains power for transmitter.
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