Equipments: eircom dB30s

18. eircom dB30

eircomd B30The eircom dB30 will make it easier for you to talk to family and friends. The eircom dB30 is created for hard of hearing.

You can increase the volume up to 30 times the standard volume. The dial pad is extra large and has high contrast button dial pad. It is extra loud with an adjustable 85 decibel ringer volume. It is hearing aid compatible. It also has a bright incoming call flasher.

It is also perfect for noisy work environments such as garages and factories as the incoming and outgoing voice can be amplified. Enquire »

Product features:

  • Handset amplification increase up to 31dB @1kHz
  • Adjustable ringer and incoming call volume
  • 12 number memory buttons
  • Outgoing voice amplification (up to 15dB)
  • Extra loud ringer with ringtone switch
  • REN value - 1
  • Requires: Mains power
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