Equipments: Visit Alert System

17. Visit Alert System

SilentAlertThe Visit Alert System monitors events around your home or office - e.g. telephone ringing, someone at the door, baby crying, or alarm clock.

This is a cordless system with four different transmitters. These can each send distinct signals to the Visit Pager. (visual/vibrating ) or the Visit Portable Receivers (sound and light).

The Visit Receivers give different responses for each transmitted signal and can each monitor up to eight separate transmitters. Wear the compact, lightweight. Visit Pager on your belt or in your pocket anywhere around your house or office and you can monitor the signals 30 to 100 metres away depending on wall thickness, etc.

The Visit Charger recharges the Visit Pager overnight as well as providing connection for one or two Bedshakers that can alert you while you sleep. By using 64 radio channels, several separate transmitter and receiver sets can be used together without interference. All Visit Transmitters and Receivers incorporate low battery warning indicators. The Visit System is portable and wireless and is easy to install. Simply place the transmitter at the sound source. Enquire »

Product features:

  • Requires: Mains power and existing electric doorbell.
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