Equipments: D-Link Broadband Videophone DVC-100

26. Friedland Doorbell for Deaf and hard of hearing

Friedland Doorbell The friedland doorbell is designed specifically for deaf and hard of hearing. It has a bell push with a portable unit that has sound and a flashing light.

Once the bell push has been pressed, it activates a high intensity flashing light that will attract your attention along with a loud audible tone of your choice. Ideal for Deaf and hard of hearing if unable to hear the doorbell. It can be taken anywhere around the home or garden within a range of up to 200m. Enquire »

Product Requirements:

  • Range of up to 200m
  • Loudness approx 82dB at 1m (max setting)
  • Choice of two volume levels or just flashing light only (three flashes)
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