Kerry Deaf Resource Centre (KDRC) Primary Objectives:

To establish, develop, maintain, renovate, enlarge, operate and manage a Drop-in Centre and to provide facilities through the Centre which will act as a focus and catalyst for the Deaf community in the County of Kerry and surrounding areas, with a view to promoting the educational, cultural and economic advancement of the Deaf community and particularly to empower the Deaf community to effectively participate in programmes of personal development.

To provide advice, support and services to the Deaf Community including but not limited to adults and children who are d/Deaf, hard of hearing, deafblind, deafened, cochlear implant users, their parents, siblings && extended family members, individuals who communicate using sign language, and/or speech and lip-reading. CODA's (adult Children of Deaf Adults) & KODA's (Kids of Deaf Adults). Deaf people with dual/multiple disabilities. Deaf Travellers. Professionals with Deaf related qualifications including sign language tutors, sign language interpreters, Deaf adult literacy tutors and other professionals & service providers that come into contact with the Deaf community.

To provide outreach services to the Deaf community throughout the County of Kerry with a view to empowering and enabling the Deaf community to participate in positive action to further their independence and full and equal participation in their communities.

Kerry Deaf Resource Centre (KDRC) Subsidary Objectives:

  • To provide support facilities such as rooms for meetings, training, crèche, information and administration and resources such as information, access to technology and advocacy services to the Deaf Community, particularly those on low income, lone parents, unemployed, disabled, elderly and disadvantaged.
  • To promote the use of Irish Sign Language (hereinafter called "ISL") as the language of the Deaf community and their primary means of communication in all aspects of life.
  • To operate workshops and training schemes for the fostering, development and promotion of Deaf people's education and skills and to encourage training in ISL, Deaf community development, leadership, organisational skills and social analysis for the benefit of the entire community.
  • To provide expert advice, consultancy services, classes of instruction, tuition, lectures, meetings, discussion groups, exhibitions, printed matter and literature in relation to or furtherance of the objects of the Company.
  • To employ interpreters, consultants or other persons for the benefit of the Company or its members.
  • To promote the research of any aids and equipment designed specifically or otherwise to benefit the Deaf and to distribute, repair and maintain aids approved for use by the Deaf.
  • To disseminate information on ISL, Deaf Culture and the Deaf community to its members and wider Society.
  • To affiliate, to any body, local, national and international, for the purpose of furthering the main objects of the Company.
  • To promote public awareness of ISL, Deaf Culture and the Deaf Community and to engage in educational activities with a view to enhancing knowledge and to provide opportunities for constructive discussion of societal and ethical issues of Deaf people, ISL and Deaf Culture and related matters.
  • To promote and develop a co-ordinated strategy for the provision of services to Deaf people in the community.
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Overuse of mailing lists

  • There was a time when it was difficult to access information. However with the introduction of email, egroups etc information is more readily available.
  • The only problem is, alot of organisations like Kerry Deaf Resource Centre & individuals are receiving information from numerous sources about the same events.
  • Kerry Deaf Resource Centre receives information in duplicate, triplicate and sometime more often but doesn't mind as the delete button on our computer is easy to find.
  • However, we do not want to be guilty ourselves of over-informing people. The problem is??, its difficult to know who is or who is not receiving information, what type of information they are getting, and lastly if they are getting the same information from different sources.
  • If you are receiving information from Kerry Deaf Resource Centre and are already getting it from other sources, please email us as we'd like to remove your name from our lists. That way, Kerry Deaf Resource Centre is contributing to information being available to those who want it, and to those who wish to have it, but not to those who are getting information elsewhere or who do not want to have it.
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